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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 1
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Condition Of Being Short And Plump
Wrote Principia Mathematica With B. Russell
Type Of Country Dance Done In A Sequence
Postage Stamp Collection
It’s Supposed To Have One Hundred Feet
Carrot Eating Menace, What’s Up Doc?
Orson Welles’ Bad Guy Role In The Third Man
Overly Wasteful
Paula Abdul Song Title And Saying, __ Attract
Raisins Dropped In __ Will Never Stop Bouncing

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 2
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To Illegally Carry Away A Person, Kidnap
Relating Or Referring To Something From France
Harass A Public Speaker, Performer, Etc
Emma __, Hermione Granger Actress
__ Sea Cucumber Is Eaten Around The World
Add Spices Or Flavorings To Food
__ Botticelli Painted Adoration Of The Magi
Walking Under This Is Considered Bad Luck
Lacking The Ability To Do Something, Not Able
Thin Growth From The Base Of Blades Of Grass
Traditional Practice, Habits, Uses
Hollow Item With Beans Or Pebbles Inside
Dm: __ Message Or Private Message
San Diego Religious Baseball Side

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 3
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Found On Top Of Spaghetti, Inside Sub Sandwiches
Oldest Celtic Language Now Extinct
Largest Freshwater Lake In The World: Lake __
Smile Pinki’s Face Deformity
The Front Of The Body
Large Deer Live In Tundra Regions, Pulls Sleighs
Drinking Fast
Business Ought To Precede __
First African American Supreme Court Justice
Someone Who Plays Music

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 4
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Stir One’s __ = Hurry Up
Individual Pieces That Make Up A Fence
Super Small Quantity Of Something
Tech Company Working On Driverless Car Fleet
Fiji Is An __ Nation
The Black __ Killed Millions In The 14th Century
Band Of Tissues Connecting Muscles To Bone
Beer Is One Of The World’s __ Alcoholic Beverages
__ Down Shirt, More Formal Shirt Requires Ironing
Kill Doctor Lucky Is A Humorous __ Of Clue
Categories Of Literature, Music, Art And Movies
Venus Is Also Called The Earth’s __ Planet
Broadcasting On Tv Or Radio
__ Girl, California Girl With Own “language”
Dwarf Like Demon, Mischievous Monster
Coin Operated Game, Place For Kids To Play
__ Grouper Has Brown And White Stripes

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 5
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Prosperity Or Earnings Of A Country
Frankenstein, Novel By Mary __
Dig Dug’s Hero Wins By __ And Killing Monsters
Biology Dealing With Organisms And Environment
Lynyrd __, Southern Rock Pioneers
Unnaturally Or Acutely Uneasy Or Apprehensive
At Any Moment, Regardless Of Hour
__ Bligh, Antagonist Of Mutiny On The Bounty
Luke And Leia Are __ And Sister In Star Wars
Potato Chip Flavour Only Found In Canada
Vegetable Used To Make Pies And Eventually Lanterns
Chemical Element Of Atomic Number 14
Badejo, Actor In Alien, Is From This African Country