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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 1
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__ Night, A Shakespeare’s Comedy
Clusters Of Friends On Social Media
Mental Tendency Toward Something
name Of Us State And Caucasian Country
Art, Science Or Military School
Saw That Requires Human Power To Work
The Proof Of The __ Is In The Eating
Insect That Produces A Rhythmical Chirping Sound
70 Percent Of All Boats Are Sold For __
Pocahontas’s English Name, __ Rolfe
Baseball Hit Takes You Around The Bases
Material That Can Be Stretched
Oscar Issac Plays Poe __ In Star Wars: Episode 7

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 2
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Farmhouse, Barn And Other Buildings
Antiderivative Or Integral, Differentiable Function
Broken, Bankrupt
Tv Drama About An Ageing Country Star
White __, Belief Whites Are A Superior Race
Same Name Cities In Both Texas And Arkansas
Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon Family
__ Dumas, Author Of The Three Musketeers
Deformity, Cauliflower Ears Aka __
Type Of Baseball Pitch Thrown To Spin

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 3
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Black-ball Sponge Is A Black __
Occupation Usually Associated With The Circus
Common Lung Disorder, Narrowing Airways
__ Spielberg’s E.t. The Extra-terrestrial
One Was Named After Jonathan Swift On Martian Moon
Utensil Used To Suck Up Excess Liquid
To Pierce The Body With A Sharp Stake Or Item
Japanese Stock Exchange
Basis For An Action, Event, Belief, Fact
Separate Viewing Spot On A Computer Screen
__ Nfl The Most Popular Football Game In The Us
Hungry Hungry __, Marble-eating Mammals
Second Chance In Court Case
Building Used For Spiritual Rituals
Archaeology Is The Study Of Ancient __
Vehicle To Lean, Tip To One Side While Moving
San Jose __ Play At The Sap Center At San Jose
Seed Of A Tree, Common Food
Oscar The Grouch Was Originally __, Not Green
Oval __, Where Us President Gets Job Done

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 4
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Disney __ Requires Character Packs To Play
Small Squirrel With Stripes On Its Face
Swedish Actor, Director, Martial Artist, Dolph __
Unit Of Electric Power; One Billion Watts
Ebola Causes High Fever And Internal __
Someone Who Writes Texts For Songs
Filled Into Poultry Before Cooking
What Liars Should Have
__ Is Another Day, Quote From Gone With The Wind
Chilean Town Shaken By A Massive Earthquake
Li’l Abner’s Girlfriend

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 5
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Eight Sides, Stop Sign Shape
Island In E. Caribbean, North Of Antigua
Cher’s Comeback, Club Hit In 1999
__ Havisham, Character In Great Expectations
76ers Enforcer, Charles __
Happy Meals Make Up 40% Of Mcdonald’s __
Angiitis Is Inflammation Of The Blood __
name Given To The Leader Of Ancient Egypt
To Make Something Happen Later
Type Of Bread Eaten On Jewish Celebrations
Paulette __, Actress Of The Great Dictator