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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 134 Puzzle 1
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Thorny, Security Fencing
Lady And __, 1955 Romantic Disney Film
Sport Uses Underhand Pitches When Recreational
Red Sauce Used To Dip Mozzarella Sticks
Hotel Chain Now Owned By Starwood Hotels
Makes Nothing Who Makes No __
Addis Ababa Is The Capital Of
Japanese For Divinity Wind
A Bribe
nonverbal Communication, Sign __
__ Bleeding Occurs In The Body, Not Seen
Fantastical Daytime Soap Opera

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 134 Puzzle 2
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This Bird’s Egg Is Equal To 24 Chicken Eggs
Breakfast In __, Top-seller Supertramp Album
Straight Whiskey From Bourbon County, Ky
23rd James Bond Film With Bardem As A Bad Guy
The Main Constituent Of Marsh Gas
Place, Name, Number, State Where You Live
Movement With Your Hands To Show Something
Ms. Puff Runs A __ School On Spongebob
Chagall Painted I And The __
Jean __, Actress Of Spartacus
Wild West Days, The First To Do Something
Baseball’s Winningest Team

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 134 Puzzle 3
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Fruit __, Colorful Zebra-like Chewing Gum
Fibers That Carry Messages To The Brain
Mammal Known For Agression, White And Black Head
Silly Sitcom That Spoofed Medical Dramas
__ Hill, Boston Battle “…whites Of Their Eyes”
Confirmation Sacrament, Gifts Of The Holy __
__ Hunters Is A Board Game From Japan From 2005
__ Panda 3, 2016 Movie
__ Night, Females Pay Half Or Nothing
High Redshift Sources Of Eletromagnetical Energy
Ghosts Are The Souls Of __ After They Have Died
Turn Up The Earth For Farming With A Plow
Robin __, Real Life Son Of Jason Seaver
Unpleasant In Temper, Stubborn
Do Not Cast Your __ Before Swine

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 134 Puzzle 4
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Set Up Something, Usually A Town
American Retired Basketball Player And Coach
Dicaprio’s Film About The Subconscious
Devoted Love, Worship
Game Show Scarred By Scandal
__ Is 20/20
A Kind Of Three Dimensional Form Of Visual Art
Historical Account In Order Of Happenings
Press __, White House’s Official Voice
Spring Vegetable With Tall Shoots

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 134 Puzzle 5
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Heloise Loved Him Dearly
Cactus “tree” Native To Southwest Sonora Desert
China Has More __ Speakers Than The Us
Oceans’ 11 Original Cast
Regular Payment, Ex. Mortgage, Pension Payment
Run, Jump And Climb Through An Urban Area
Clue Suspect, Colonel __
__ And Butter, A Cinema Snack Duo
Licking Stamps Burns Half A __
There Is One For Every Person In The World
Tradeable Contracts Not For Now