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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 1
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Protagonist Of The Ballet Swan Lake
Dishwasher __, Small Dishwashers
Cars 2 Is The __ To The 2006 Original Film
Take For Granted, Without Proof, Suppose
To Help, Give Support, Aid
Desert Horned __ Has Many Different Horns All Over
Major Us Airline Headquartered In Chicago
Animal Control __ Capture Animals
Dance Music Causing Change Of Consciousness
Endocrine Gland Produces Melatonin, Serotonin
Indiana Jones’ Favorite Hat
Slender Tube Of Wood With A Core Of Graphite
Hogan’s __, Show Found The Humor In Pow Camp
The Man Who Works The Circus Lights
Distress Signal For Planes, Ships And Boats
Area Of A River Where Currents Run Extremely Fast
Pagurus Hermit Crab Is The __ Hermit Crab
Thinking Something Specific Will Happen, Anticipate
Robert __ Jr, Actor In Iron Man
Small Flat Round Millennial Seed
Liam __, Actor In Taken

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 2
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Alburquerque Is Major City In This State
Popular Herb Aka Cilantro Or Chinese Parsley
Person Who Creates Utensils For Specific Tasks
Place Light Behind A Subject
Tractor Implement For Tillage Aka Flat Lifter
Schrodinger’s Famous Cat Question, Quantum __
Monk And The Highest Authority In Tibetan Buddhism
Comic Strip Turned Into A Warren Beatty Movie
A Place To Sleep In When Travelling
Birthing Surgery From Roman Times

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 3
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Bank Account Abroad, Common In Cayman Islands
Job Board Social Media Site; Endorsements Allowed
Language That Has Three Degrees Of Phonemic Length
The Sword In __, 1963 Disney Film, King Arthur
Dish __ Closet, Dries Dishes, Fits With Kitchen
Formal Name For Jaw Bone
Acorn Worms Live Mainly In __ Ocean Bottoms
Bird __ Is Studying Birds In Nature
President Obama’s Wife
Airport Area Where You Pick Up Family And Friends
Pamphlet With Ballads Sold By Peddlers
Jai Alai Players Tie This To Their Fists

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 4
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Key To Job Growth In A Country
__ Aggressively Protect Nests, Unlike Other Wasps
Wrote Good Will Hunting With Friend, Damon
Erased, Rub Out, Obliterated Something
Something Beside The Bed, Table, Chair
Used To Organize Digital Content And Search
Blubberlips Are Known By Big __ Lips
Crisp Biscuit Shaped Like A Knot
O Mistress Mine, Where Are You __?
Beach Sun __ Is Enjoying Lying On The Beach
Basketball Team That Moved To Detroit In 1957

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 5
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Single-line Poem
It Is Power
Spirit Of St. Louis Pilot; Baby Died In Scandal
William, The __, Created A Cross-channel Empire
American Idol’s Country Gem
Popular Red Licorice Is Often Used As A Fun Straw
Its Clock Doesn’t Tick
Toy Story Features Woody And Buzz __
Control Panel Found In Cars