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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 1
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Puff __, Flaky Treat With Layers Of Fat
__ Fair, Summer Festivals, 4h Club
Sliding Paper Walls In Japanese Houses
__ Knoxville Of Jackass Fame
School Notebook Bound By Metal Wire
Male Equivalent Of Witch, Magical Powers
Detective __ Harris, Denzel’s Role In Training Day
Bristle-__ Tube Worm Has Long Hairs All Over
Kid’s Card Game With Questions And Answers
Decorative Piece Of A Car Wheel
Healthy, Strong, Stout
Hitchcock Film Known For Freaky Shower Scene
Highest Point Of A Hill Or Mountain
Steering __, Connects Steering Wheel To Mechanism
Salty Pie With Meat And Vegetables

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 2
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Wear On, Go By (time)
The Capital Of Jersey
1940s, 50s Working Class “slick” Subculture
The Act Of Sliding Down A Small Hill With Snow
1991’s Hardball Was 1st In A Series Of __ Games
The World’s __ Athlete, A 1973 Disney Tarzan Movie
Usually Two Days Shorter Than Any Other
He That __ Pitch Shall Be Defiled
An African Ant-eater
Fiber Is The Part Of Food That Cannot Be __
Cigarette Mascot Designed To Attract Children
__ Gaps, Found In The Distribution Of Semi-major Axis

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 3
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Brushing Egg Over Pastries To Give Color
Scheduled Combat Between Two People
Russian Author, Lepidopterist And Synesthete
Chuck __, Senator From New York
Singer, Whitney Houston’s Cousin
Acting On __ Instead Of Thinking First
Herbie Rides Again Is A Sequel To The __
__ Are Members Of The Peach Family
Also Called Malines
Day __, Speculation Of Stocks, Currencies
Covering In A Book That Binds The Pages
__ Rockfish Are Dark Red And Tan
Flowering Part Of A Plant, When Open
Zealous Supporter Of A Team
__ Or Perish
Spectacles; Lenses Mounted In A Frame
Something Made From Clay And Fired In A Kiln

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 4
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King Arthur’s Sword
On Average, A Bar Of This Has 8 Insect Legs In It
Crusades Aimed To Seize __ From Muslim Control
Make A Fault Seem Less Serious
Uranus And Neptune Are Both __
Open To More Than One Intrepretation
The __, Movie With John Wayne As A War Veteran
A Person Trained To Give Emergency Medical Care
The __ Are Look-alike Parents For Timmy Turner
Jane Eyre’s Byronic Hero, Mr. __
Green Vegetable, Also Known As String Beans
Old Farmer In A Classic Kid’s Song
Pyrosome __ Can Be Pink, Yellow, Or Blue

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 5
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This Face Is Sure To Make Someone Happy
Order To Report For Military Duty
Specific Type Of Fisherman
Lizard, Well-known For Being A Pet
Food That Is Blessed By A Rabbi
To Go Beyond The Quantity, Amount, Rate
Joel __, Community Lead, Longtime The Soup Host
Ralph __, American Luxury Clothing Brand
__ Boy, Codename For The Bomb That Hit Hiroshima
Burnt Piece Of Coal Or Wood Which Can Still Be Lit
Online Payment System Previously Owned By Ebay