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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 1
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Produces Smoke, But Not Flames
Sang The Song My Guy
1 Million Of These Make A Gram
2015 Pixar And Disney Movie With Joy And Sadness
Spuds __, Bud Light’s Party Dog
Large Ocean Fish With A Jaw That Resembles A Sword
Paper __ Do Desk Job Routinely
They Are Allegedly Made In Heaven
Stew That Is Cooked Slowly In A Deep Dish
nashville __ Play At The Bridgestone Arena

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 2
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Existing In Fact, Real
The Force Awakens Is Set __ Years After Episode 6
Barn Is __ Quarters For The Circus
Awash Is So Low In The Water, It’s __ The Top
Long Rod Inserted Into Foods To Hold While Cooking
Taxi, Always Sunny Star Married To Rhea Perlman
Anagram Of Envied
Utensil Used To Remove Skin From Foods
new Name For Alaska’s Highest Mountain
__ Shrimpgoby Live With Snapping Shrimp
Fictional Race Of Human-like Brutes
__ Cord, Nerve Tissue Protected By Vertebrae
“fever” Caused By Airborne Fungal Spores
Collar, Ring, Shaft On A Pipe For Strength
The Middle Number, Not The Average
Pigs Represent __ In Asia And Europe, Piggy Banks
Type Of Disco Dance With Its Own Song

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 3
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The Front Side Of A Coin Or Medal
The Speed At Which Electricity Moves
Leonid __, Artist Born In Belarus
__ Lion, Biggest Of The Species
The __, 2015 Matt Damon Movie
Shaped Like A Wing, Wing-like
__ And Forget
Stadium Nba All-star Game Was Held In 2010
Government Coming To Financial Rescue Of Business
Official Act Forgiving And Setting Prisoners Free
Large Ensemble During Swing Era
Pearls Can Be Found Inside These

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 4
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__ Race, Global Reality Show Competition
Special Chair For A Child In A Vehicle
A Bodyguard Is Someone Who __ And Protects A Person
Hometown Of Jordan And Pippen Double Threat
Amputation Is The __ Of A Body Part
People Who Adore A Single Person
To Clap Hands In Approval
Blood-__ Round Crab Have Blood Colored Spots
Moon Of Saturn That Has No Craters
2 Player Strategy Game Published In 1990
In Law, Physical, Sexual Attack
Anagram Of Spotter
Scottish Biologist Who Discovered Penicillin
Creators Of Twinkies, Ho Hos And Ding Dongs

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 5
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Mexican Resort On The Pacific Coast
__ Nets Play Basketball At Barclays Center
Toothed Knife Great For Cutting Bread
Embroidery Technique, Allows Fabric To Be Stretched
Cloris __, Raising Hope Actress, Born 1926
The Prince Of Egypt Is A __ Animated Film
__fish Are Ray-finned Ocean Fish
name Of A French Soup
Plastic Ring Children Spin Round Their Waist
When A Baby’s Primary Teeth Come In
An Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem