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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 1
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A Captain Of __ Manages Or Owns A Large Company
The Virgin __, First Film By Sofia Coppola
The Cone Or Strobile Of A Pine Tree
Emergency Treatment For Choking, Heimlich
Saying Hello To A Person When You Meet
Circle Formed From The Equator Or Meridian
Old Time Device Flattened Male Neckwear
__ 66 Is An American Oil And Gas Company
Wayne Gretzky’s Nickname, The __
One Of The Seven Deadly Sins
Worldwide Social Media With Online Profiles

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 2
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A Box-shaped Musical Instrument
Skiing Event Includes Aerials, Moguls, Halfpipe
__ Ordinance Determined Orderly State Expansion
Right To Use Properties Bought For Vacations
A Skin Condition In Humans
Opposite Of Being Exactly The Same
A Round Patty Of Ground Beef In A Split Bun
Effect Reduces Value Of Money Over Time
Great __, A Gravitational Anomaly In Space
Capital Of Pakistan

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 3
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One Of Two Nations Enclaved In South Africa
Popular Office Supply Chain
Work Of Art Made By Glueing Different Materials
Some Deny This Change With Scientific Consensus
Two Major Groups Of These People Are Shia, Sunni
What Fair Exchange Is Not
To Teach Or Train Someone, Provide Schooling
Alice In Wonderland Is Based On Books By Lewis __
Clear Mineral That Looks Like Glass Or Ice
Handwriting That Links All Letters Together
Popular Winter Sport
Device Or Room For Keeping Food At Low Temperature
Different Fake Names Used By Criminals
Bended Or Warped Under Heat Or Pressure

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 4
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Held As Holy Men By Hindus
Large Drum Used By The Mongols In Battle
Out Of __, Won The Academy Awards In 1986
__ Baum, Author Of The Wizard Of Oz Series
Hand Tools For Holding, Turning Objects
Main Gas In Saturn
__ Is A Game Of Assault And Defense
Adverb For Away, Hence
Country Better Known For Canal That Divides It
A Plan Regarding Expenses And Revenue Or Income
Online Photo Sharing Social Media Site
Red Berry, Often Found On Top Of Sundaes
Fairies Are Said To Have Magical __
Metal, Reddish-brown Color, Can Be A Hair Color
Leader Of Waco Davidians
Mr. Krabs Runs The __ Krab

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 5
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A Person Who Makes Gold Articles
Adults Only Laugh __ Times A Day
Hunger Games Star Liam __
Where The Ocean Meets The Land
Easily Disgusted, Shocked
__ Kids, A Not Sweet Movie Candy Staple
Ballyhoo Means Swing The __ On The Crowd
In Law, Honesty Of Intention
Pax__, Peace In China After The Mongol Invasion
A Boilersuit, In Us
Tv Show About The Fbi And Terrorists