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CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 140 Puzzle 1
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Small, Red, Acid Berry Used In Cooking
name Of A Character From The Addams Family
International Language Envisaged By Zamenhof
An Employee Who Serves Or Helps Customers
Folding Of A Vehicle Towing A Trailer
Colorado __ Play At Folsom Field In Boulder
Where Children With No Family Are Sent
The Father Of American Literature To Faulkner
Disease Causing Organism, Usually Contagious
Ancient Persian City Capital Of Two Empires
Anti-__ Medicines Treat Some Mental Disorders

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 140 Puzzle 2
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Rome Airport Named After Famed Artist
90s Powerhouse Sitcom Based In Manhattan
Eating Implement
Band Of Singable Lullaby More Than Words
Vancouver __, Hockey Team Member Of Nhl
Jason __, English, Famous For His Action Films
Determine By Calculating, Usually On A Computer
Ending Of A Personal Romantic Relationship
Outer Opening Of The Nose
Cheese Puff Snack With Cheetah Mascot
Species Best Known By Male, Peacock
Excise Is A Total __ With A Laser Or Scalpel
Us Army Anti-tank Rocket Launcher
Keel-shaped Ridge Of Rock Formed By Wind

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 140 Puzzle 3
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__ Timberwolves Play At The Target Center
The Bold And The __, La Fashion Soap Opera
__ Tears, Insincere Expression Of Sorrow
Popular Pasta Usually Topped With Red Sauce
Operation __, Movie With Cary Grant
X-ray Of Blood Or Lymph Vessels
30 Seconds Is A General __ Game
Cheap Imitation Of Gold
Birthplace Of Literary Greats, Doyle, Stevenson
Food __, An Electric Kitchen Appliance

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 140 Puzzle 4
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One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World; Waterfalls
Muscle Contraction Felt By Women During Period
__ Chan, Hong Kong Actor, Martial Artist, Director
Wedding Crashers, Scooby-doo Actress, Isla __
Main Course Of A Meal, In French
Rick __, Namesake Of The Rick Roll
A Set Team That Plays Against Each Other
Chausie Is Bred To Look Like __ Cats
Thickening The Liquid Of A Soup By Boiling
Tail Bone At The Very Bottom Of The Spine
Hot __, Mini Metal Cars Loved By Kids
__ And Hardy, Classical Hollywood Slapstick Duo
Difference Between Bid And Stock Asking Prices
Los Angeles Soccer Team That Landed Beckham
The Whole Thing, Amount, Extent
Barque Is A Sailing __ With Three Or More Masts

CodyCross Culinary Arts Group 140 Puzzle 5
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__ Yard, London Police Force, Northern Uk Country
__ Lewis Got The 1st Us Nobel Of Literature
Computer Key Aka Return Button
This Secretary Oversees The National Park Service
Space Behind A House, Not In Front
Someone Who Brings Goods From Another Country
War Planes At Close Quarters Combat
12 __, Classic Courtroom Drama Movie
To Assemble Military Forces For Service
Piece Of Sweet Fried Dough Shaped Like A Ring
Amber __, Or Pinna Carnea, Is A Bivalve Mollusc
__ Tigers Play Football At Faurot Field