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CodyCross Earth Group 1 Puzzle 1
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One Of The Days Of The Week
Parts Of A Tv Show
Technology Used In Computer Networks
Shirley __, Actress In Terms Of Endearment
Flying __, The B-17’s Nickname
Mountains Between The Black And Caspian Seas
A Person Who Works For Wages Or A Salary
To Feel Great Worry Over Something
Leaves Of Coriander Used As A Garnish
California’s City Of Roses
A Rapid Spread Of Disease

CodyCross Earth Group 1 Puzzle 2
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John Bardeen, Famous Us Physicist Was Born Here
A Sport Played During The Olympic Games
Dried Plant Material Used As Home Fragrance
Domestic Cat Closely Related To The Siamese
Family Of Woodwind Instruments Played In Jazz
Sample Sent In Advance
Fruit Name Which Combines A Tree And Another Fruit
The Whole Area That Drains Into A Lake Or River
Cate __, Australian Actress And Oscar Winner
Facial Hair Named After Civil War General
A Person Who Designs Buildings And Houses

CodyCross Earth Group 1 Puzzle 3
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Buck __, Science-fiction Tv Series
A Famous Comet Was Named After Him
A Film About Someone’s Biography
Fear Of __ And Children Is Called Pedophobia
Tan/light Brown Casual Pants Made Of Cotton
Smallest Us Paper Monetary Issue
not Giving One Is A Way Of Giving One
The Capital Of New York
Long And Narrow Sea Inlets Bordered By Steep Cliffs
Anything Relating To The Skin
Part Of The Eye Where Images Are Created
Defoliant Used During Vietnam War: Agent __
Vince __, Actor Who Starred In Wedding Crashers

CodyCross Earth Group 1 Puzzle 4
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Different Pieces Of Cloth Sewn Together
Plant With A Thistlelike Flower Head That’s Cooked
The First Effective Drug Used To Treat Syphilis
Someone Who Is Given An Award Or Organ
Allegedly Cursed Nascar Superspeedway
Medical Specialty; X-rays
__ Banks, Actress In Pitch Perfect And 30 Rock
Istanbul Even Before It Was Constantinople
Religion Developed In Jamaica
A Pinch Of This Will Make You Fly
Wrote The First History Book
nine, Eight, Seven, Six
Kelly Ripa’s Husband, Mark __

CodyCross Earth Group 1 Puzzle 5
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American Music Genre Popular In Early 20th Century
A Person Who Attends School Or College
One Of America’s Largest Retailers
Where The Majority Of The Plays Occur In Baseball
Rabat Is The Capital Of __
To Enclose Something Within Set Boundaries
Popular 90s Video Game, “go” Version Was 2016 Craze
__ Fusion, Used To Convert Hydrogen Into Helium
Added Or Mingled With Something Else
Medical Condition Of People Over Average Weight
Person With A Rank Of Authority In The Military
Famous Abstract Expressionist, Jackson __