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CodyCross Earth Group 10 Puzzle 1
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Public Park In Manhattan Built On An Old Railway
A Deep Sky Blue
__ Island, Tale Of “buccaneers And Buried Gold”
__ Beauty, A Fairy Tale Version By Disney
Company That Manufactures Chuck Taylor Sneakers
Antonym Of Weak, Helpless, Insignificant
Rosie Huntington-__, A Victoria’s Secret Model
This Green Vegetable Is 96% Water
Capital Of Turkmenistan
Artform And Genre Of Music In South Spain
50’s Western Tv Series About Gambling Brothers
Identification Used To Sign Into A Computer
Florida Tribe Expelled To Florida Everglades
The Act Of Being Gentle To Other People
To Find Your Way Somewhere
A Glass-enclosed Room To Allow In Sunlight
Italian Renaissance Painter, __ Daddi

CodyCross Earth Group 10 Puzzle 2
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In Chess, Each Player Has Sixteen Of These
Hong Kong __ Was A Martial Art Cartoon In 1974
Transparent Eye Part That Protects Iris And Pupil
__, Rats And Rabbits Are Animals That Cannot Vomit
Icy Celestial Bodies That Orbit Around The Sun
Dame Helen __, English Actress
Plural For Baby Cows; Lower Leg Muscle
Sirens Lived In The Sea, __ In Springs And Brooks
Arkansas City Where Clinton Dynasty Began, __ Rock
narrow Valley With Steep Sides Made By Water
Territory Invaded And Occupied By A Nation
__ Weissmuller, Swimmer Who Turned Into Tarzan
Long Collarless Shirts From South Asia
The Name Of A Streetcar
Last Meal Of The Day, Also Called Dinner
Middle Eastern Marketplace, Shopping Area
The Action Of Incarcerating Someone

CodyCross Earth Group 10 Puzzle 3
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This Is Popped Off To Enjoy A Soft Drink
It’s Illegal To Sleep Under This In Florida
To Record Events As They Evolve
Sport Contest That Consists Of 10 Different Events
The __ Sloth Is One Of The Slowest Mammals
60s Sitcom Starring Sally Field As A Saint Woman
“lonely Game”, Often Played On Computers
Pain In Or Around Fangs Or Gums
Amy __, English Singer Who Died In 2011
It Knows No Law
California Neighborhood Known For Its Glamor
Archaeologist, Before The Word Was Coined
The Dark Time Between Evening And Morning
A Prophetic Priestess Of Apollo

CodyCross Earth Group 10 Puzzle 4
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Garment Often Worn Before And After Shower
How Many Words A Picture Is Worth
Whispers Words To Forgetful Actors
Storage Space For Food And Dishes
Type Of Candy, Rope Shape, Red Or Black
Someone Who Just Got Married
Compact Self-contained Gaming Device
Opposite Of Southern
Chinese Dog Breed Whose Name Means Puffy-lion Dog
Convulsions Is Another Name For __
Go-devil, Hay Sweep
Edible Spore Bearing Fruit Of A Fungus
First Part Of The Small Intestine
Mathematician Played By Russell Crowe In A Movie
Apparition, Specter, Illusion Of Something

CodyCross Earth Group 10 Puzzle 5
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no Longer Exists
Marvin The __ Came From Space To Blow Up The Earth
Program That Lets You Surf The Web
Popular Drug Designed To Lower Cholesterol
Acrophobia Is The Fear Of __
Paper Proving You Paid
Famous For Unintentional (or Not) Word Plays
Special Outfit Worn By Sports Teams
Cutout Of A Shape Or Design Used Multiple Times
As Keen As __ = Enthusiastic, Eager
Country In Europe Next To Kosovo And Greece
The Last One Was In F. Cooper’s Novel
Food Eaten To Finish A Meal, Usually Sweet
They Look Like Snakes With Feet