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CodyCross Earth Group 11 Puzzle 1
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__ Globetrotters, Exhibition Basketball Team
Related Through Male Descendant
__ Tortoise Lives In The Deserts In The Us
Greek God Of Music, Art And Healing
Danny __, Creator Of Iconic Simpsons Opening Tune
Country Home To The Archaeological Site Of Petra
To Aim For A Goal, Ambition
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, For One
United Nations Children’s Relief Arm
Opioid Developed As A Morphine Substitute
__ Platt, Canadian-american Actor Born In 1960
Shooting Star; Rocky Item Falling Into Earth
__ Engine; Program That Explores The Web
Act Of Addressing Or Communing With One’s God

CodyCross Earth Group 11 Puzzle 2
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Amnion Is A Thin Membrane Around Fetus During __
Huevos __, Popular Egg Dish In Mexican Cuisine
Armored Mammal That Curls Into A Ball
Bat __, American Lawman And Journalist
Most Common Pants Worn, Denim
Vilnius Is The Capital Of __
To Destroy Or Deface Something
Physical Item In Space; Relating To Heaven
The Public Conveyance In Venice
Anti-__ Medicines Treat Some Mental Disorders
When Your Mind Is Not Sure What Something Is About
Kid’s Game Of Hysterical Miscommunication

CodyCross Earth Group 11 Puzzle 3
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The Human Body’s Filters
Artistic Paper-folding
north American Mammal Known For Temper And Pouch
Another Name For Nation
Old Testament Book That Comes From A Census
King Arthur’s Enemy
Deficiency Of Carbon Dioxide In Tissues And Blood
Someone Who Does Physical Work
__ Clay, Muhammad Ali’s Previous Name
Being Behind Or Late On Payments, Obligations
French Version Of The Punch And Judy Show
Giant From Greek Mythology With Only One Eye
Tonitrophobia Is The Fear Of __ Storms

CodyCross Earth Group 11 Puzzle 4
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Electrical System Used To Start A Car’s Engine
A Chemical Element Listed On The Periodic Table
The __ Bride, A Comic Opera By Smetana
Country North Of England
Japanese Company That Brought Us Mario And Luigi
Semi-arid, Southern African Desert
Stock With Quality Reputation According To The Nyse
A Person Who Investigates Unknown Regions
Interrogative Sentence Or Clause
Damage To The Skin Wearing Away The Upper Layer
Small Squirrel-like Rodent With Dark Stripes
Tribe With Large Confederacy In Us Northeast
Hans Christian __, Author Of The Little Mermaid

CodyCross Earth Group 11 Puzzle 5
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Victor Hugo’s Character Who Lives In A Church
Brewing City On Lake Michigan
Tibetan-originated, Long-haired Dog Breed
Worker Who Builds Or Repairs Wooden Things
One Cannot Put Old Heads On New __
Subcutaneous Body Fat Deposit
To Provide Amusement For People
Continued Existence Beyond What Is Expected
Someone With A Type Of Lung Disease
John __, Actor Of Dangerous Liaisons
narrow Bladed Saw With U Shape Frame
Lifespan; How Long You Will Live
A White Vitrified Translucent Ceramic; China
Machine To Hatch Eggs And Keep Them Warm
Buttery Pastry Popular In Continental Breakfasts