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CodyCross Earth Group 12 Puzzle 1
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A Canadian
High-pitched Stringed Instrument
Fort __, Start Of Civil War
Type Of Car That Uses Gas And Electricity
Type Of Seed Used On Buns And In Salads
Professor Xavier In X-men: First Class, James __
Unit Of Play In Baseball, Consists Of Two Halves
Wrap A Corpse In A Piece Of Cloth
__ Inspector, Enforces Sanitation Rules
Exceeding An Amount, Degree, Beyond
Explained The Behavior Of Atoms For The First Time
African Nature Excursion
Toy For 2 Kids, One At Each End, Up And Down
Rodolfo __, Brazilian Painter
Marketing __, Shortsighted View Of Marketing
Dot-eating Arcade Personality
Anagram Of Poster
Parent’s Sibling’s Offspring
An Organism That Transmits A Pathogen
San __, Land-locked Country Surrounded By Italy

CodyCross Earth Group 12 Puzzle 2
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American Tv Series Based On A Colombian Telenovela
Large Ship That Carries Cargo
Dali’s Melting Watches Were Inspired By This Cheese
Conspiracy Thriller Film With Nicolas Cage In 1998
Birthplace Of Alexander Graham Bell
Electromagnetic Radiation From A Luminous Body
Marsupials Endemic To Australia
Scientist Specialized In An Old Natural Science
Celebration In June In Honor Of An Irish Author
The Manchurian __, Drama With Frank Sinatra

CodyCross Earth Group 12 Puzzle 3
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Group Of Educators In A School
Sound Produced By Putting The Lips Together
Long Light Spear, Thrown With Hands
__ Little, 2005 Disney Film; Sky Is Falling Fable
Minsk, The Capital Of This Eastern European Country
A Chamber In A House That Has A Lot Of Windows
__ Joslyn Gage, Us Women’s Rights Activist
Just The Facts Ma’am, Joe Friday Detective Series
Something One Particularly Dislikes
You Yell This Game’s Name When You Hit All Five
__ Churchill, Britain’s Wwii Prime Minister
name For Something Made From Clay
Basin That Is Used To Raise A Boat Out Of Water
Region Where Gravity Effect Is Zero
Mandatory Items In San Francisco In The 60s
Part Of The Body Between The Chest And The Hips
A Common Element To Fraternities And Societies
Ultraviolet Rays From Sunlight Cause __ Burns
One Of Four Equal Sections Of Something

CodyCross Earth Group 12 Puzzle 4
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Son Of A __ Man, Us Song By Dusty Springfield
Male Of This Sea Species Carries The Unborn
A Well-known Native-american Tribe
Henri __ Painted The Sleeping Gypsy
Tegucigalpa Is The Capital Of __
Sleeping Disorder Identified By The Lack Of Sleep
__ Of Arabia, Movie With Peter O’toole
Head Of A State In The Us
Beam From The Main Star In The Solar System
Type Of Hockey Officials Who Call Icing Violations
Self-defense System Used By Israeli Military

CodyCross Earth Group 12 Puzzle 5
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__ Greene, Wrote Our Man In Havana
Singin’ In The Rain Depicts The Demise Of __ Movies
Georgia Tech __ Jackets Are From Atlanta, Ga
Vampires Are Supposed To Keep Away From This
The Capital Of Mali
Bloody Day Of U2 Song
Seo: Search __ Optimization
Long Piece Of Ice Formed By Dripping Water
Muscles In The Upper Arm, Bulge When Bent
Kahlo Painted The __ Column
Damage Done To A Person’s Body
What Dracula Sleeps In
Bird Known For Repeating
Forced Bets By Player To Left Of Dealer In Poker