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CodyCross Earth Group 13 Puzzle 1
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The __ Race
The Rock City According To The Rock Band Kiss
Two Or More Independent Stable Compounds
Comic Strip Revolving Around A Workplace
Olympics Were Held There In 1996
Oldest Surviving Long Poem In English
One Of The Many Deities Of Hinduism
Fruit And Vegetables Collectively
He Discovered Electromagnetic Rotation
Plant In Buttercup Family, Wild Flower
Muscle From Collarbone To Upper Arm
Radar Is An Acronym For Radio Detection And __
Medication Some Diabetics Take
A Player’s Position In Baseball
Finders Keepers, Losers __
Known For Its Wrinkles And Blue-black Tongue

CodyCross Earth Group 13 Puzzle 2
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__ Arches, Related To Breathing; Gills In Fish
__ Page, Star Of Sweet Bird Of Youth
Offspring From A Previous Marriage
Musical Percussion Instrument; Marimba, Balafon
__ Rock, Elvis Goes To Prison In This Movie
The Act Of Pushing Away, Not Accepting
Discuss Something For Mutual Benefit
Total Lack Of Vision
Government, Corporate Secrecy Aka Spying
French Philosopher, Mathematician
Item Used To Store Something
Due __, Pre Contract Signing Investigation
Gay Bar In Nyc Site Of Riots In 1969

CodyCross Earth Group 13 Puzzle 3
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A Space Station; Movie With Matt Damon
Board On Which An Artist Lays And Mixes Paints
Large Seabird That Scoops Prey In Its Beak
narrow Opening Caused By The Separation Of Rocks
Cap Used To Protect The End Of Finger When Sewing
Disorder Of Severe Uneasiness
Official Language Of The Incan Empire
Political Conflict That Involved Two World Powers
Flavored Brit Girls Smash Hit
Ecological Jewish Holiday In Late January, Tu __
Basketball Team From Denver Co
A Variety Of Coffee Bean

CodyCross Earth Group 13 Puzzle 4
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Dismount From A Horse, Vehicle, Motorcycle
This Person Dies For His/her Beliefs
Mockery, Humorous Adaptation, Imitation
Device Used To Take Photos
Valley With Deep, Steep Sides, Stream At Bottom
Pastry From India Of Triangular Shape
Jupiter’s Satellite With An Oxygen Atmosphere
Island On Which Lies Tokyo
Thin-bodied Animal Kept As Pet; Weasel’s Cousin
Public Officer Who Can Authorize Legal Paperwork
Toy Brand Owns Barbie, Hot Wheels And Matchbox

CodyCross Earth Group 13 Puzzle 5
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Spiny Mammal; Sonic’s Species
Meeting Of Cardinals To Elect A New Pope
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You __
Sound, Characters, Or Visual Cue To Gain Access
Type Of Painting Depicting Maritime Scenes
Team Or Person That Is Expected To Lose
Saltwater Clams, Bivalves, Used In Seafood Dishes
God Of Wine Also Known As Bacchus
Glass __ Act, Split Commercial, Investment Banks
Ed __, Host Of Legendary American 60s Music Show
An Allotrope Of Carbon Like The Diamond
Fear Of Good News
Response To A Situation, Stimulus Or Treatment
Country Mostly Covered By Kalahari Desert