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CodyCross Earth Group 14 Puzzle 1
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Rick __, 80’s Hits Singer
Money __, Total Amount Of Circulated Money
John __, Greek Heartthrob, Full House Uncle
Unreasonable Fear Of Something, Causes Panic
Glass Container Used In Laboratories
__ Sense, Paine Pamphlet Advocating Freedom
Another Term For Nauseated
not A Wide Opening, Not A Lot Of Room
Papua New __
A Space Lacking Matter
7 Of These Short Men Worked As Miners

CodyCross Earth Group 14 Puzzle 2
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Brand Name Of The Pain Killer Acetaminophen
European Avant-garde Art Movement In 20th Century
Stir Or Disturb; To Make Someone Nervous
It Is Illegal To Eat __ While Bathing In Ca
Reykjavik Is The Capital Of __
Liza Minelli Song From A 1972 Musical
Half Potato, Half Tomato Plant Aka Pomato
Fish In North America, Like A Small Shad
Gene __, Won An Oscar For Unforgiven
Pre-videogame Arcade Game With Flippers
Written Piece For A Newspaper Or Magazine
One Object Covers Another, Solar Or Lunar

CodyCross Earth Group 14 Puzzle 3
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German City, Home Of Borussia
Person Who Returns Objects To Former Conditions
An Optic Hole That Light Can Travel Through
Pictures Displayed On A Computer, Games, Photos
Small Pieces Of Paper And Plastic That Are Thrown
Alabama __ Is A Medium Sized Salamander
A Filter, Sieve, Or The Like For Straining Liquids
Opposite Of Forward
__ Pole, Where A Compass Points To
What Doesn’t Exist Without Pain
Poet/singer Who Entertains The Aristocratic Class
__ Turner, Actress From Peggy Sue Got Married

CodyCross Earth Group 14 Puzzle 4
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City That Hosts The Nascar Hall Of Fame
Lord __, Allegedly Cursed By Tutankhamun’s Tomb
Herb Widely Used For Infections And The Flu
Smaller Than A Dinner Fork, Used For The 1st Dish
Fresh Prince Who Became A Man In Black
Attorney’s Assistant, Not Full Lawyer
Oldest Woman In A Family
Someone Who Talks Incoherently Or Aimlessly
Insect With The Name Of A Young, Unmarried Woman
It Is Used To Keep Rhythm In Aboriginal Chants

CodyCross Earth Group 14 Puzzle 5
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Coarse-grained Metamorphic Rock
Snl Alumnus Who Took Over The Tonight Show In 2014
A Latin American Term For A Foreigner
The __ Of Id, Comic In A Shabby Medieval Kingdom
Havaianas Sandals Have Been Made Here Since 1962
Type Of Creature Like Bilbo Baggins
Protagonist Of The Ballet Swan Lake
Second-largest Planet In The Solar System
Plan, Program, Design, Plot To Follow
Dark Form That Is Cast From The Light On An Object
Plant Used In Medicines, Teas, Foods
George __, Author Of The Classic 1984
Upper Body, Above Abdomen, Below The Head
Money Offered For Recovery Of Lost Items