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CodyCross Earth Group 15 Puzzle 1
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Minions Is An ___ Comedy Film
Period Between New Moons
Another Word For Broken Bone
The Pen Is __ Than The Sword
Place Or Thing That Is Frequently Seen
An Elevation On The Ground, A Summit
__ Cooper, Cnn Anchor Nicknamed “silver Fox”
__ Franklin, “first American” And Founding Father
South American Country, The Capital Is Asuncion
Species Of Fish That Lives In Groups; Forage

CodyCross Earth Group 15 Puzzle 2
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Blackbeard’s First Name
Female, Male, Or Other
House __, Library For Egyptian Physicians
__ Slender Salamander Is Found In The Northwest Us
Shape With Four Equal Angles And Sides
Kingdom Of Heaven, Award Winning Actor, __ Irons
__ Singing, Aka Overtone Chanting
Ownership Stake In A Company
__ Space, A Family Traveling Across The Universe
Chess Piece That Can Only Move Diagonally
Something Shining, Bright, Clear

CodyCross Earth Group 15 Puzzle 3
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You Can’t Use Others Original Work Due To This
In Poland, A Language Spoken By An Ethnic Group
Chinese Eating Utensil Usually Made Of Wood
Largest Purchase Of Land In Us History
Barbra __, Actress, Singer And Director
A Battle-axe; A Shrew
Competitive __, Puts Company In Good Position
Type Of Swing Dance From Early 1930s
French Cooking Term Aka Shish Kebab
Decidedly Not What A Shrinking Violet Is Like
Fear Of Animals, Especially All In One Place
Misnamed Island Owned By Denmark
Ape That Has Long Arms And Reddish-brown Hair
Drawing Type Used To Make Cartoons
Wear Away The Top Layer Of Skin
80s, 90s Family Sitcom Featuring The Olsen Twins
Study Of Objects In Space

CodyCross Earth Group 15 Puzzle 4
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An Uncontrollable Outburst Of Emotion Or Fear
Strom __, Led Longest Filibuster In Us History
Almond Italian Cookie
It’s Illegal To Run Out Of Gas On This Expressway
Epic Space Franchise Created By George Lucas
This Sport Can Be Synchronized
Musical Instrument In The Lute Family
Medicine Based On Fraud Or Ignorance
Another Name For Cuban Contradanza Dance
Method Used To Make Patterned Bed Covers
A Unit Of Power
Paul Wrote Them To The Early Christian Communities
Dream __ Gather Bad Dreams
Item Used To Type Information On A Computer

CodyCross Earth Group 15 Puzzle 5
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Amy __, Comedian, Actress, Writer, Producer
Traditional Halloween Trip On Vehicle
Multiple Dishes In A Meal
national Property In Another Country
The Bottom Edge Of A Dress, Skirt, Or Coat
Skilled Craft Worker; Makes Furniture, Art, Etc
__ William, William Kidd’s Pirate Ship
Brussels Is The Capital Of __
Small Piece Of Something; Sample Of Music
Place Where Pitchers Warm Up In Baseball
Going Without Food Or Drinks Before Surgery
A Place Where Children Stay While Parents Work
Anything Related To Heredity In Living Organisms
Place Where Historical Documents Are Kept
Slang For Nonsense, Foolishness
Most Common Duck In The Us, Green Headed

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