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CodyCross Earth Group 16 Puzzle 1
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Port Vila Is The Capital Of __
Characterized By Lightness And Ease Of Movement
__ Sniper Attacks, Washington Dc Crime Spree
Outline Of The Human Face From One Side
Cousin Of The Bison; Looks Extremely Similar
When They Fall Out, Honest Men Come By Their Own
Rubber-ended Stick Used To Unclog Toilets
Loose Leaf Plant, In Salads And Cooked, __ Greens
Largest Planet In The Solar System
Large Military Unit With Its Own Headquarters
These People Have An Annual Convention In Ireland
Competition Between Two Or More People For A Prize
Agyrophobia Is A Fear Of Crossing __ Or Roads
__ Ford Coppola, Director Of The Godfather
Ancient Syrian City Destroyed By The Islamic State
Spoon-shaped Utensil With A Sharp Edge
Violent Rotating Column Of Air
Way Something Feels, Usually In Art Or Clothing

CodyCross Earth Group 16 Puzzle 2
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Someone Who Helps You With A Project, A Group
Amount Made After Expenses
new York Jets’ Most Famous Celebrity Quarterback
Russian Folk Dance With One Man And Two Women
Chicago Community In Lower West Side
In A __ Far, Far Away
Area Beneath The Junction Of The Arm And Shoulder
Ocean That Covers 20% Of The Water On Earth
Sweet Canary On Look Out For “putty Tat”
Similar To The First Garden
Object Used To Remove Pencil Errors

CodyCross Earth Group 16 Puzzle 3
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Sadistic, Cruel And Perverted Roman Ruler
Broadway Musical About Former American Statesman
Shot When The 7 And 10 Pins Are Split In Bowling
Social Media Platform By Mark Zuckerberg
Often Stubbed, Can Be Painted
__ Pearl, Vessel Commanded By Jack Sparrow
Bright Red; A Bird; Catholic Church Member
Massive Snowstorm That Dumps Tons Of Snow Fast
Harare Is The Capital Of __
Foo __, Dave Grohl Formed This Band After Nirvana
To Persuade Someone Of Something
Branch Of The Us Armed Forces That Runs Area 51
A Plant Apt To Bring Forgetfulness

CodyCross Earth Group 16 Puzzle 4
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What Candidates In The Us Must Go Through
Medical Treatment Requiring Hospital Stay
Herb Used In Tea For Relaxation; Sedative
Member Of A Fraternal Organization
Code Of __, Middle Ages Text On The Byzantine Empire
Hijacking; Kidnapping
Of Mice And Men, By John __
Ea, Electronic Arts, A Video Game __ In Ca
Contract Between Two Entities
Cold-blooded Vertebrate Animal
Lively Or Animated In Spirit Or Body
__ 2, 2016 Ben Stiller Movie
Worn In Bed By Women
It Makes Strange Bedfellows

CodyCross Earth Group 16 Puzzle 5
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Part Of Grammar That Refers To Inflections In Words
British City Famed By Its Port And Music
Sea-horse In Greek Mythology
First City To Be Attacked With An Atomic Bomb
Person Who Travels Into Space
Large Rodent With Quills
Inflammation Of Joints In The Body
Toy With Little Bulbs To Create Bright Designs
Us Track And Field Star, 9 Time Gold Medal Winner
Ladies And __
Skintight Item Worn By Women Over Their Legs