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CodyCross Earth Group 17 Puzzle 1
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Complete And Total, __ Faith In Someone
Chemical In Tobacco, Incredibly Addictive
Thick, Sweet, Dark Syrup Made From Raw Sugar
Small Sacs Of Tissue Next To The Tonsils
Galaxy That Contains Our System
Mesmerizing Autocratic Coach
University Of Maryland Turtle Mascot
World War I Was Also Known As The __
Bat-eating Singer Of Crazy Train
Raft Used In Emergencies
A Person Who Acts For Another In Legal Matters
A Very Popular Item Found In A Woman’s Purse

CodyCross Earth Group 17 Puzzle 2
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Injected Medicine To Create An Immune Response
Time Period Preceding Depression, __ Twenties
Smallest Planet Of The Solar System
Individual Cake Treat That Never Goes Bad
Furniture To Hold Or Display Something
G. Nerval Kept This As A Pet
A Style Of Floral Design That Originated In Japan
Wellington Is The Capital Of New __
Good Will __, Written By Ben Affleck And Matt Damon
To Turn A Boat Over In The Water
Dissimilar, Non-identical, Distinctive, Different
Line Of Rulers From The Same Family

CodyCross Earth Group 17 Puzzle 3
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Mamas & The Papas Least Favorite Day Of The Week
__ Tomei, My Cousin Vinny Actress
Amount Of A Medicine To Take
Johnny __, Late Night Legend Succeeded By Jay Leno
Slowly Raise Temperature By Adding Hot Liquid
This Type Of Dragon Is Actually A Giant Lizard
You’re An Actor If You Tread The __
A Tax On Imports Or Exports
Small Dish For Cups; Flying Alien Transport
To Bring Down To A Smaller Size, Number, Etc
Item Used To Attach Pieces Of Clothing Together
Brooms Made Of Twigs
A Curse, An Evil Eye
The First One In The Us Took Place In August, 1790.
Long-nosed, But Not Pinocchio
World Famous Doll Criticized For Its Body Shape
The Capital Of Mozambique
Vertebrae Also Known As Tailbone

CodyCross Earth Group 17 Puzzle 4
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A Cascade Of Water Falling From A Height
A Hermit (near The Sea)
Something Urgent, Rapid, State Of __
__, The Great, Conquered Mesopotamia In 330 Bc
Optical Object Used To View Items In Space
Prince Of Thieves Played By Kevin Costner In 90s
Figure Designed To Frighten Birds Or Spirits
Teddy Bears Are Named After This American President
One Of The Three Bs In Classical Music Hierarchy
A Sport Played During The Olympic Games
Fruit Used For Salsas Known As Mexican Husk Tomato
Loud-mouthed Gavel Banger With Tv Pulpit
__ Formula, Elementary Algebra Formula
Medical Term For A Bruise
Useful Animals Kept Or Raised On A Farm
Skopje Is The Capital Of __

CodyCross Earth Group 17 Puzzle 5
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__ Houston, Costner Co-star In The Bodyguard
The Line Around A Specific Shape In An Art Piece
Word Made Out Of The Letters Of Another Word
Being In Good Physical And Mental Condition
__ King, Author Of The Shining
Fast-paced British Car Show Full Of Stunts
A Dab On The Neck For Extra Fragrance
Baked Bread Dough Twisted Into A Knot
Ancient Burial Ground In Egypt
Fine Mesh Sleeve; Means “chinese” In French
Used To Heat Houses, Melt Ores Or Produce Steam
Discriminatory Tax On Female Hygiene Products