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CodyCross Earth Group 18 Puzzle 1
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Bacteria In The Shape Of A Sphere
Rate Of __; Gain On Investment Over Time
Man Or Woman Of The Sea
Popular Kissing Game Requires Player To Spin This
In A New York __
Material Used To Make Clothing
America’s Most Macabre Tv Family
Healthy Cereal Used In Beer Production
Influential Prose Writer In Ancient Rome
Something That You Aim At
To Reach Your Destination; To Finally Happen
A Quantum Of Electromagnetic Radiation
Tetris Ultimate Is A __ Video Game
Official Number Of People Who Live In A Place
A New Version, New Information, Latest Items
Ribbon-like Parasite, White Nerve Fibers
Puff, The Magic __, A Childhood Favourite
__ Of The Shrew, A Shakespeare Comedy

CodyCross Earth Group 18 Puzzle 2
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Insurance Risk Manager
Red Badge Of __, Civil War Novel By Stephen Crane
A Person With The Inability To Feel Touch
Three Boneheads, Slapstick Legends
Comic Actress Who Was Part Of The Snl Cast
Cocks Have Crests, Bulls Horns And Deer __
May Torture Your Feet
not A Synonym
Venue Used For Outdoor Sports
Baltic Nation, Finland’s Southern Neighbor
Edible Fish Or Shellfish From The Sea
Animal Or Creature That Strikes Fear
Google’s Linux-based Operating System
Age Of __, Series Of History Based Strategy Games
Types Includes Swedish, Shiatsu And Deep Tissue
Pirate Known As The Prince Of Pirates
Short Curtain Piece Hung On Edge Of Canopies
Gloria __, Biggest Star Of The Silent Movie Era
__ Gap: Warning Signal In Metro Stations
Weapon Shell Launched And Guided To Target

CodyCross Earth Group 18 Puzzle 3
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Religious Wars, Personal Undertaking
A State Of Intense Happiness And Self-confidence
Fahrenheit 451, By Ray __
__ Ford, Played Indiana Jones
Process Of Voting For A Leader
When The Top Teeth Close Over The Bottom Teeth
The Plant Source Of Digitalis
Group Of Flatfish Found On Ocean Bottoms
ny Soccer Team Named After Winged Energy Drink
Yiddish Courage
A Flammable Liquid Mix, Powers Most Cars

CodyCross Earth Group 18 Puzzle 4
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__ Hepburn, Won Four Oscars For Best Actress
The Usual Epithet Of Mars
Somehow The Longest Day Of The Week
Writer Known For His Crime Novels About The Mafia
Insensibility To Pain Without Loss Of Consciousness
__ The Cat Never Catches Tweety Bird
Founding Member Of The Eagles Band
A __ Lives In Anemones And Is Bright Orange
The Mad Max Video Game Is Set In An Apocalyptic __
Ragtag And Bobtail
A Link To Another Web Page
The Capital Of Mayotte
Political Scandal Named After A Hotel In Washington
In Missouri, It’s Illegal To Play __ On Sundays
Said Never To Strike Twice At The Same Place
This Is Worth Six Points In American Football
It Is Responsible For People’s Happiness

CodyCross Earth Group 18 Puzzle 5
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Type Of Surgery That Is Not A Medical Emergency
French Schoolgirl Created By An Austrian Writer
White House Intern Involved In A Sex Scandal
Enterprise Is The Name Of The Ship In __
Hypothetical Shortcut Linking 2 Points In Space-time
Just Below Boiling Point, Used Often With Eggs
Empire State __
Strong Dislike Or Disgust
Sublime Song, Syncretic, Caribbean Religion
Stretch Your Legs According To Your __
Accommodations, Abodes, Diggings
Having A Very Bad Reputation