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CodyCross Earth Group 19 Puzzle 1
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Walking Under One Is Said To Be Bad Luck
Vinegar That Is Made From Ale
Extreme, Serious, Critical, Harsh
Department That Takes Care Of Radioactive Waste
Joey Potter On Dawson’s Creek, Katie __
Charlie Brown’s Beagle Pilot
Cattle Catching, Cowboy Sport
Someone Who Sews And Repairs Clothing
Outlaw, Highwayman, Robber
Tonguelike, Strap-shaped Organ Or Body Part
Geronimo Indian Tribe From Southwest
Well-known Typewriter Manufacturer, Smith __
Compact Round Clouds Forewarning Rain
Planet Whose Name Derives From Greek Mythology
__ Hero Live, Game That Lets You Play In Rock Bands
Type Of Large Wheeled Ride, __ Wheel
Tom __, Rush Song Inspired By A Character

CodyCross Earth Group 19 Puzzle 2
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Marks Used To Represent One’s Speech
Jamaican Who Runs “as Fast As Lightning”
Someone Who Investigates Crimes
Debts Or Money Owed
name Of Elvis Presley’s House
Medulla __, Part Of Hindbrain Controls Vomiting
Third Book Of Torah Compiled By Moses
Gravity Pull That Light Can’t Escape
Constant Need To Move A Body Part; Disorder
What The One Who Denies All Eventually Does
Study Of Meaning-making
America’s Controversial Voting College
Pungent Smelly Cheese With Sandwich Of Same Name
Animated Series About Mystery Solving With A Dog

CodyCross Earth Group 19 Puzzle 3
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new England Tribe Known For Its Casino
Mandy Is Sung By Barry __
’60s Cartoon Space Family With Robotic Maid
An Atrium Is A __ Of The Heart
Latin Dance With Lots Of Hip Movements
Blind Literature Is Written In This Bumpy Text
Screen Used To See Computer Information
Strictly Orthodox Muslim Sect Of Arabia
Iron __, Invisible Line Separating Europe
Carl Sagan Taught Astronomy Here
A Woman’s Bedroom Or Private Room
List Of Actors, Crew At The End Of A Movie
north American Fish Comes In Yellow And Blue

CodyCross Earth Group 19 Puzzle 4
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America Ferrara Telenovela Based Comedy
Cinderella’s Fairy __ Helps Her Go To The Ball
Type Of Park With Rides And Games
Oldest Male In A Family
Christian Holiday Coinciding With Winter Solstice
Astronaut Who Took A “giant Leap For Mankind”
Liver Disease With Major Scarring
Head Of A School Other Than A College
Dog Breed That Shares Name With A Mexican State
Type Of Tree That Never Loses Its Leaves
X-ray Of Your Blood Vessels With Dye
Single Sentence, Assertion

CodyCross Earth Group 19 Puzzle 5
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Military Uniform, Soldier’s Everyday Clothing
__ Belt, Between The Orbits Of Mars And Jupiter
Decayed, Spoilt
When Something Doesn’t Develop In The Body
Fairy Tale Character With Long Hair
Large Cooking Container To Make Soups Or Stews
Interchange Of Items, Goods, Foods
Chameleons’ Eyes Rotate To Help Them With __
Sugary, Fried Snack, Breakfast Staple
Former American Statesman Killed By Aaron Burr