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CodyCross Earth Group 20 Puzzle 1
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A Negligible Amount Of Money
Sovereign Country Was Russia’s Breadbasket
Sweet __, A Teenager’s Coming Of Age Party
The White Of An Egg
Determining Battle Ground State Of 2000 Us Election
Program Used To Study The Outer Solar System
Row Of Icons On A Computer Screen
Retain Basic Contents By Omitting Details
Situated Away From An Axis
Greek King Of Ithaca Also Called Odysseus
Cord For Securing Something Around The Neck
Movie Starring Dustin Hoffman Dressed As A Woman
Small Dog Native To Tibet, Good Guard Dog
Fake Treatment For A Medical Issue
Something Extremely Unusual Or Unexpected

CodyCross Earth Group 20 Puzzle 2
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Star Of House Of Cards On Netflix, Kevin __
English-speaking Country In Central America
Meteorite Bruise On A Planet
Disease Associated With Dogs And Foaming Mouths
This Movie’s Song Let It Go Melted Hearts
To Receive Something With Approval
Scotch __, Hot Chili Pepper Of The Caribbean
Opposite Of Opened
Four-armed Hindu God Of Protection
The Great __ Make Up The Center Of The Us
Spirits Of Nature Depicted As Beautiful Maidens

CodyCross Earth Group 20 Puzzle 3
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French Card Game Popular In Casinos
Woman Of High Social Rank; Barefoot In A Movie
new __, Spacecraft Sent To Pluto
Literary Work That Idealizes Rural Life
Semi-solid, Greasy Thick Oil; Medical Use
Once Bitten, __
Unquestioned Belief System
The Outcome Of Lemons Added To Water
__ Heston, Won An Oscar For Ben-hur
Island Country In The Caribbean, Capital Is Roseau
Be On Good Terms
This Team Plays In “hockeytown” Usa

CodyCross Earth Group 20 Puzzle 4
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British Sci-fi Tv Show About Time-travelling
Baseball Position Between 2nd And 3rd Base
Central American Nation, Home To Mayans
Magic __, Psychedelic Forest Flora
Piece Of An Asteroid After Impact On A Planet
Venustraphobia Is Fear Of __ Women
Boneless Ocean Animal With Tentacles
He Wrote About A Homosexual Relationship In 1948
Tech Company That Brought Us Windows
Someone Who Explains A Theory In Detail
Drinking Receptacles
“__ Killed The Cat”
Please __, Song Recorded By The Beatles
noir Mystery Movie With Nicholson And Dunaway

CodyCross Earth Group 20 Puzzle 5
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Pat Morita, Mr. __ In The Karate Kid Movies
Lack Of Speech Due To Damage In The Brain
Estimate The Value Of Something For Taxes
Umbrella Term For Formal Leaders Of Religions
Pinocchio’s Cricket Friend; Conscience
Broad Piece Of Defensive Armor Carried On The Arm
Person Who Takes Care Of The Bats In Baseball
Wood Stick Used To Make Shish Kebabs
Country In Europe, Capital Is Paris
Abaft Means __ The Stern, In Relation To An Item
Major Valve Of The Human Heart
A Golem Is A __ Folklore Monster
Reptilian Creatures Live In This Body Of Water
Feast, Banquet, Spread, Regale
More Formal Term For “plant Science”
Very Young Female Chicken
The Legend Of __ Hollow, Story By Washington Irving
Book Used To Tell All About An Item, Car, Appliance
How You Feel When You Need To Eat
Characterized By Unexpected Traits, Unique