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CodyCross Earth Group 3 Puzzle 1
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A School Of Design Established By Walter Gropius
Male Perfume And A German City
Samuel __, Real Name Of Author Mark Twain
Joint __: Shared By Two Or More People
To Finish Something Successfully, To Accomplish
A Type Of Ballroom Dance Developed In The 1910s
Depression From A Collapsing Volcanic Center
A Close-cropped Haircut
Someone You Can’t Trust
Cold Weather Bird Living In Southern Hemisphere
Teacher That Counsels Students In School

CodyCross Earth Group 3 Puzzle 2
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Breaking Bad Star, Bryan __
Item Used To Decorate Something
Upper Body Bone
Infrared Shooting Game
Feeds Himself In A Library
Someone Who Trains Birds Of Prey Or Hunts With Them
Liticaphobia Is The Fear Of __
Cranial Pain Usually Relieved With Tylenol, Advil
Mammal Native To Africa And Asia
Moby Dick Author, Herman __
Plane That Delivered Atomic Bomb
Leave It Behind After A Meal
no Intersection
Designed To Protect From The Sunlight

CodyCross Earth Group 3 Puzzle 3
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Five-__ Discount, Aka Stealing
Deadpool Villain, Mma Strikeforce Fighter, Gina __
Little Red __ Hood, A French Fairy Tale
Metallic Element Used For Magnetic Alloys
Soldier Trained In Armed Combat To Serve A King
Every Time, Every Occasion, No Exceptions
High School Football Favorite Tune, Hang On __
Intelligent Primate Found In Africa And Arabia
Last Name Of Two Us States
British Rock Band Established In 1964
Large Physical Body In Space; We Live On One
To Demand Something Firmly
name Of Britain’s Withdrawal From The Eu In 2016
John __, Monty Python Co-founder

CodyCross Earth Group 3 Puzzle 4
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Second Biggest Country In South America
Often Criticized Financial Institution
Study Of Matter; Teams Must Have This
A Muscle Involved In The Breathing Process
Rigid Military Position; Eyes Front, Arms At Side
Mud Avalanche Caused By Rain, Erosion
Steven __, American Film Director
Animal Blamed For Everything
King, Queen, Or Knave Of Any Suit
Type Of Surgery Performed On Lung Cancer Patients
Exhibition Games Played Before Official Contest
Someone Riding On A Ship, Plane Or Car
A Person Who Moves Permanently To Another Country
Animated Film About A Puppet Whose Nose Grows
Small Bitter Berry With Healing Properties

CodyCross Earth Group 3 Puzzle 5
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You Can’t Make An Omelette Without __ The Eggs
Two Openings At The Bottom Of Your Nose
Small Silver Coin Largely Used In Ancient Rome
Someone Who Sells Goods Or Services
System Where The King Or Queen Rules The Country
A Trifoliate Plant That’s Symbol Of Ireland
Geologic Period Within The Mesozoic Era
David Bowie’s Androgynous Alter Ego Ziggy __
Metabolic Disorder Associated With High Blood Sugar
Strong Feeling Of Missing Home
Contains Planets, Nebulae, Stars, Etc.
Famous Yankee Nicknamed The Bambino
The Way You Think Or Feel About Something