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CodyCross Earth Group 4 Puzzle 1
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A Fruit Pie With A Rich Crust On Top
As __ As Punch
Condition Of Being Unhealthy Or Sick
nba Champion Basketball Team In 1961
1987’s Metal Gear Was The 1st Of The __ Video Games
Different Forms Of A Gene; Dominant Or Recessive
nosey Parker, Paul Pry, __ Tom
A Fictional Reindeer With An Unusual Trait
Large Lavish Meal Or Feast, Celebration
Evil Wizard In Lord Of The Rings
__ Bening, Actress, Warren Beatty’s Wife

CodyCross Earth Group 4 Puzzle 2
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Vest Especially Worn Over A Shirt
Protects Your Car, Home, Body Against Loss
American Director Known For His Dark Fantasy Films
German City Where Nazis Finally Faced Justice
One Of The Ivy League Universities
To Give Up In A Battle
Moon Of Saturn With High Geyser Activity
Band Famous For Its Big Lipped Frontman
Study Of Your Family Tree
Symbols Used In Comics To Censor Words
Home Of The Pampas
__ Pope, English Poet Of Satyrical Verses
Deuteronomy Is The Fifth Book Of The Old __

CodyCross Earth Group 4 Puzzle 3
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__ A Time, Tv Show About Fairy Tale Characters
Family Of 210 Flowering Plants
nearby Boxing Or Wrestling Judge
Three Cowboys Of This Brand Died Of Lung Cancer
__ Crowley, English Occultist And Writer
Full Doctor’s Exam Of A Patient
An Outdoor Shelter With A Roof For A Pet
A Phase Of The Moon, Also A Type Of Roll
Something That Brings Comfort, Peace, Calm
north Dakota’s Frigid Capital
Breed Of Cows Yielding Yellowish Milk
Penny __, Movie With Cary Grant And Irene Dunne
Stimulant Found In Coffee And Soft Drinks
Electronic File, Predesigned For A Use

CodyCross Earth Group 4 Puzzle 4
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Lost At Sea
A Sort Of Trojan Odysseus
Film Depicting Blue Humanoids Living In Pandora
Tv Show On The Early Life Of Arthur’s Court Wizard
Chemical That Whitens Clothes
Language Referred To As Gypsy In The 19th Century
Bruno Mars Funky Part Of The City
German Chancellor In 2016, Angela __
Someone Who Revises Written Or Recorded Works
__ List, Life Goals, No Regrets
Heavy Starchy Food
not Breakfast, Not Lunch
Breed Of Tiger, Second Largest Tiger In The World
Fitzgerald’s Rag To Riches Title Character
Belgrade Is The Capital Of __
Aerophobia Is A Fear Of __

CodyCross Earth Group 4 Puzzle 5
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Long Period Without Rainfall
Vitality And Glamour Combined
10 Cloverfield Lane, A 2016 Movie With John __
Risk Taken In Business In Hope Of Reward
Alan __, First American To Travel In Space
Place For The Display Or Sale Of Works Of Art
Buttery, Danish Cheese Used In Sandwiches
__ Mantises Are Known For Their Devoted Posture
necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings
Ancient Wind Instrument Shaped Like An Egg