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CodyCross Earth Group 5 Puzzle 1
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Ernest __, Won The Nobel Of Literature
ny Island Famously Bought On The Cheap
The __ Before Christmas, A Movie By Tim Burton
__ Manager, Does Online Management Of Groups
Dallas Basketball Team Added To Nba In 1980
Chewing Gum Is Illegal In This Asian Country
Dubbed The Merrie Monarch
To Lose Water Or Body Liquids
Unforeseen Or Unplanned Events
Tv Series About A Woman With Amnesia And Tattoos
Planetoids Or Minor Planets
Coffee Chain Competitor Of Dunkin Donuts
To Sign Up For A Newsletter, Newspaper
Set Of Qualities That Distinguish A Person
Less Scary Name For Halitosis
negative Economic Growth For Two Quarters In A Row

CodyCross Earth Group 5 Puzzle 2
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Reduction In Price To Attract Consumers
A Rat, A Strike-breaker
Hero Of The Trojan War
The Capital Of Brazil
Line That Goes Without Turning
Opposite Of Offside
In Golf, This Indicates A Player’s Ability
Providing Food For Events, Parties, Ceremonies
High Officials In The Household Of A Medieval King
Light Purple Color; Plant Of Aromatic Scent
neil __ Tyson, Modern-day American Astrophysicist
Part Of Town Where L. Bernstein Musical Happens

CodyCross Earth Group 5 Puzzle 3
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The Official Residence Of A Sovereign
California __ Is One Of The Largest Flying Birds
Spoil; Halt; Put An End To
__ Piven, Starred In Entourage And The Goods
A Practice To Learn Something
To Fill A Spot
Small Computer, Easy To Transport
In The 1987’s Contra Video Game You Help __
Pink And White Root Vegetable
Papier-mache Figure Filled With Candy
French Writer Who Started Realism
Season After Winter
Anything That Involves Or Pertains To The Universe
What Baku Devours In Japanese Mythology

CodyCross Earth Group 5 Puzzle 4
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Effect That Can Be Observed In Sirens Or Radar
non-flying Bird With Enormous Eggs
Land Controlled By The Lord Of The Manor
Black By-product Of Petroleum Used For Paving
Latin Country Home Of Largest Salt Fields
A Flying Disc That Can Be Used In Competitions
“the Body” Later Became Minnesota’s Governor
Type Of Hero Inspired By A Romantic Poet
Honored Saint On Irish Feast Of Green Apparel
Rock Singer Who Played With The Stooges

CodyCross Earth Group 5 Puzzle 5
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Etymological Meaning Of Geisha
The Dog Star
Boogie __, Form Of Swing Dance Related To The Blues
Large Tropical Fruit With Pinkish-orange Flesh
1980 American Horror Film: __ The 13th
__ Mouse Is The First Disney Icon
Opposite Of Weak
Fish That Blows Up When Threatened
Where A Spring Or River Begins
These Stars Play On Ice In This Texas City
To Get Away From, Out Of A Restraint
Having Every Part Needed; Complete, Whole
Worn By Actors And Soldiers In Ancient Greece
Produce An Effect, Change, Action
The Bolshoi Ballet Is Based In This City
no, Salieri Didn’t Kill Him
Grammatical Term For The Verb Form Ending In “ing”