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CodyCross Earth Group 7 Puzzle 1
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Area Beyond A Play Course
Fight, Row, Bicker
Live From New York It’s __ Night!
__ Gross, German Doctor Convicted For His Crimes
Satirical Comic About Hillbillies
To Insert Tissue Or A Substance Into The Body
Bermuda __, Vanishing Geometry
Culinary Term For Garnishing With Almonds
Causing Great Fear, Terror
French National Day; Medieval Prison In Paris
Home To A Gold Swimmer Before Being Flushed
Literal Meaning Of Planet
Program Written Directly On A Hardware

CodyCross Earth Group 7 Puzzle 2
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__ Day, Early February Holiday With Rodent
A New And Exciting Experience
Outer Layer Of Skin That Holds Pigment
She Was The One Who Invented The Miniskirt
Maze, Fantasy Movie Starring David Bowie
Famous Get-out-of-trouble Knife
A Collection Of An Artist’s Work
In Greek __, Sirens Lure Sailors To Their Death
Edible Berry; Popular Candy; Gum Flavour
British Overseas Territory Near Spain
A Branch Of The Christian Group
Doctors Give A __ After They Examine You
Increase In Prices; Reduction In Purchasing Power
What Faith Can Move

CodyCross Earth Group 7 Puzzle 3
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Considered World’s Language For Business
Starch From The Cassava Root; A Pudding Flavor
Extremely Intense Or Nervous
Eisenhower’s __ Plan Connected The Country
Son Of Denethor Ii Of Gondor In Lord Of The Rings
To Cut Or Separate Tissues For Study
Someone Who Plays A Large Stringed Instrument
Painted Madonna And Child
When An Airplane Leaves The Ground To Fly
The Letter In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Work
This Can Be Caused By Peanuts, Seafood, Pollen

CodyCross Earth Group 7 Puzzle 4
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Something That Can Be Felt With Hands
Small Wind Instrument With Whistle Mouthpiece
Lunar Phase When The Moon Is Totally Illuminated
Pasta Shaped As Small Curved Tubes
Mary Callery, __ Modern Sculptor
Lower Jaw Bone
Furniture With Shelves Used To Store Novels
What You May Buy As Gift When Traveling
Computer Key To Make Life Easier
Chiropractors, Masseuses Relieve This
He Lives With The Lost Boys In Neverland
Octopuses, Mussels, And The Like

CodyCross Earth Group 7 Puzzle 5
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Tool Used For Laying Off Right Angles
Scheming, Dishonest
Cannot Be Described In Words
Computer Name Inspired By A Type Of Apple
Formal Communications Between Governments
new York __ Play Hockey At The Barclays Center
One Of The British Islands In The Irish Sea
Swelling Of Fluid Behind The Knee
Hbo Show About Stardom, Later A Movie
Period Of No More Menstruation For A Woman