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CodyCross Earth Group 8 Puzzle 1
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King Depicted In Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost
Salad __, Device Used To Remove Excess Water
Very Vivid Purple-red Color
Ground Oats, Usually Crushed, Steel Cut Or Rolled
Someone Who Writes Articles About A Subject Online
Dizzy Feeling, Spinning, Also A Hitchcock Film
Indian Football Player For Dempo, __ Fernandes
Force That Prevents Us From Floating Into Space
London Is The Capital Of The United __
Stone That Allowed A Grasp Of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Punished With A Fine Not Fixed By A Statute
Sea Terror; Roberto Clemente’s Pittsburgh Team

CodyCross Earth Group 8 Puzzle 2
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Public Celebration On The Street
number After Twenty-nine
Fu __, Oriental, Drooping Moustache Style
__ Kitt, Catwoman Actress, Singer, Dancer
Engaged In Some Type Of Action, Busy
Someone Who Runs A Sort Of Goods Store
natives Of This Republic Cannot Gamble There
Highest Grossing French Language Film In Us
nation Ruled By A Powerful Sovereign
Romance Language From Top Culinary Country
Violent Encounter Between Military Forces
Car Ride On Tracks, __ Coaster

CodyCross Earth Group 8 Puzzle 3
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Cnn Reporter, __ Cooper
A Weapon And A Beatles Album
Country That Suffered In The Hands Of Khmer Rouge
Global Computer Network
Legal Process Of Taking Parental Responsibility
Collection Of Information, People, Lists
This Aspect Of Your Blood Rises And Falls
Largest Freshwater Fish In The World
Robin Hood’s Hideout
Chamber In A Car Engine Where Gas Is Distributed
Villain In Shakespeare’s Hamlet
What Costs Little Is Little __

CodyCross Earth Group 8 Puzzle 4
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Horny Growth On Skin
The Study Of The Universe
Ocd: __ Compulsive Disorder
William S. __, Author Of The Beat Generation
Large Pasta Tubes That Are Stuffed And Baked
This Container Has Been Spiked In Many Movies
Type Of Legislative Body With Two Branches
Mr. Squarepants First Name
Language Planned To Become World Language
What Secretive Families Hide In Their Closet
The People Jonah Refused To Preach To
A Person Who Studies The Earth And Rocks
Something That Causes A Sudden Excitement

CodyCross Earth Group 8 Puzzle 5
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William I’s Epithet
__ Cats Are Known For Their Coat Of Short Fur
Tv Show Spin-off On The Vampire Diaries
Great Lakes State Known As “america’s Dairyland”
Country Made Of 17,000 Islands; Capital Jakarta
List Of A Team’s Players
Horses Used For Riding
Any Set Of Numbers To Be Summated
Like Capone, Actor Got Caught With Tax Evasion
Red Fruit, Usually Mistaken For A Vegetable
Unable To Understand Written Words; Not Aphasia
Cake Made Pouring Batter With A Conical Object
Bruce Wayne, Caped Crusader, Dark Knight
Happening Annually
Toto’s 1983 Number One Hit About A Continent
__ Gally, Galley Ship Captured By Samuel Bellamy
Us Independence Is Celebrated On This Day In July
Traditional Japanese Garment
Anagram Of Pieces
Annie __, Antagonist In S. King’s Misery
The Capital Of Bahamas