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CodyCross Earth Group 9 Puzzle 1
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Andy __, Hosted Popular Shows In 60s
Title Of Nobility, Female
Freshwater Rhipidistian Fish Within Dipnoi Class
Ryan __, Canadian Deadpool Actor
Mnemophobia Is The Fear Of __ From Your Past
Large Unit Of Military Ground Forces
Small Type Of Orange, Sweeter Than The Regular Ones
Device To Control A Character In A Computer Game
A Hair __ Is Where Hair Grows From
After Effects Of A Night Of Drinking
Batted Ball That Rolls On The Ground
Collection Of Information For A Business
Main Gas In Jupiter
To Feel That All Faith Is Gone

CodyCross Earth Group 9 Puzzle 2
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Walter Scott Novel That Boosted The Middle Ages
__ Knee, Last Battle Of The Indian Wars
Mobile Phone Brand With One Touch Model
Sea Animal Known For Its Eight Legs
Grassy Area To Feed Livestock
Bill For Services Or Goods
Division Of A Cell In The Body To Make Two
A Month With 31 Days
Most Popular Type Of Lettuce
Telling Someone About Danger
Crude Painters
Medication In Pill Form; Usually Oblong
Someone Who Has Permanently Left Employment
Woman Who Inherits A Lot Of Money, Property
Game Played With Balls, Mallets And Wickets
Good Will __ Star Matt Damon

CodyCross Earth Group 9 Puzzle 3
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Anatomical Term For Womb
Reflection Ratio For Earth’s Atmosphere Or Surface
Will Smith, The Fresh __ Of Bel-air
Large Ruminant Mammals From The Desert Regions
Scandanavian Nation Known For Its Fjords
To Feel Fear, Be Scared Of, Apprehensive
Corned Beef Sandwich With Russian Dressing
Utensil That Skins Fruits And Vegetables
They Explore The Underground
The New __, Nyc’s Culture Magazine
__ Will, Directive For Care If Incapacitated
Oriental __ Lizard: An Ornate Lizard Found In Asia
native Of The Only Un State Starting With A Q
The __, Movie With Buster Keaton
__ Hill, “refugee” Who Was Miseducated

CodyCross Earth Group 9 Puzzle 4
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Occupation Of Many Apostles Of Jesus
Cat Styled As The Gentle Giant
To Arrange The Parts And Systems In A Computer
Sturdy Table Used For Carpentry And Other Tasks
Mesopotamian Rivers, Tigris And __
The Biter Is __ Bit
Icu: __ Care Unit
The King Of Reggae And Most Famous Jamaican Singer
Tiny Blood Vessel In The Body
Song Featured In The Movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Bristly Item Often Used By Women
Largest City In The State Of North Carolina

CodyCross Earth Group 9 Puzzle 5
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The Lion Sleeps __
__ Star, Smallest And Densest Star In The Universe
Traditional Sushi Is Wrapped In Edible __
The Spice Of Life
Arizona Capital Risen From The Ashes
Blood-sucking Parasites
Under __, Tv Show Based On A Stephen King’s Book
Indian Gravity Knife
Spanish Artist Suspected Of Stealing The Mona Lisa
__ Crowe, Actor Known For The Gladiator Movie
To Endure Something Like A Surgery
__ Tell, Swiss Folk Hero With A Crossbow
Totalitarian Movement Started In Italy During Wwi