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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 1
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Ohio Inventor Best Known For The Lightbulb
Spider __, Known For Spider-like Behavior
Guess Who? Has __ Of 24 People On The Pieces
__ Richie, Sang Hello Decades Before Adele
Latin Phrase Meaning “in Place”
Tiny African Nation Nearly Landlocked By Senegal
Political Campaign To Unite Greece And Cyprus
Chinua __, Nigerian Novelist
It Is The Same As Blog
At The End Of, Not Keeping Up
Taxi __, Movie With Robert De Niro
The Big Bang __, Tv Comedy Show About Nerds
Home To Architecture Masterpiece Petra
Cosmic Order, Teaching Of The Buddha
Link Between Europe And Asia
Kitchen Knife That Swings Back And Forth
To Plan An Elaborate Action, Usually In Secret
Thin Dough Used In Middle Eastern Pastries

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 2
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Violent Spinning Storm
Comic Captain Fought “civil War” Against Iron Man
Beyonce’s Maiden Name
Roasted Flatbread With Fillings From Russia
Typical Height, Rate, Degree, Nothing Special
Eastern European Cabbage And Beet Soup
The Art Of Shooting With A Bow And Arrow
Spots Add To His/her Beauty
The __ Flag Fish Has Red And Yellow Stripes
Capital Of Costa Rica
Portable Locks Often Used With Chain Link
A Cat In Gloves __ No Mice
To Make Something Unusable, Not Work Correctly
Alice In Wonderland, Looking Glass, Lewis __
Killed With His Wife For Lying To St. Peter
To Have Confidence In The Truth
Currency Of Ukraine
Examining A Corpse To Determine Cause Of Death
The More The __, Rich Man Sublets Apt In Comedy
Ceremony For Someone Who Has Died

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 3
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Lightweight, Small Shoes Which Are Easily Slipped On
Highly Respected Teacher In Buddhism
Doors Singer Who Died Young And Is Buried In Paris
Beautiful Woman; Consciousness-stealing Punch
Animals Walking Very Close To The Ground
City Located In Both European And Asian Continents
Japanese Craft Of Wrapping Presents
Antiques __, Pbs Tv Show With Appraisals
Strikingly Different; Opposite Of Compare
The Act Of Propelling A Boat Using A Paddle
Sardine, Or __, Small, Oily Fish, Live In Schools
A Captain Of __ Manages Or Owns A Large Company
Storage Space For Food And Dishes
Place Where Military Units Eat

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 4
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If You Like Bees, You Would Study This
Russian President In 2015, __ Putin
Kim __, Star Of Hard Country, 8 Mile
A Quick And Casual Photograph
Ancient Art Of War Is The First Real-time __ Game
Something To Preserve The Memory Of A Person
Large Electric Cooking Pot Used To Cook Slowly
Study Of Gravitation
Czech __, Home To Prague And Bohemia
The Last Of The __ By James Fenimore Cooper
Trebek-led Question Game Show
Favorite Kid’s Pet, Often Meets Demise In Toilet
American-chinese Dish Typically Served With Rice
Tiny Living Thing
Burt __, Smokey And The Bandit Actor

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 5
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Fruit Sticky Brown Acidic Pulp
__ Acid, More Commonly Known As Vitamin C
Apples And __
Type Of Addictive Drug, Not Regulated
Eastern European River Ends Up In Black Sea
Feeds Gas From Fuel Tank To Injection System
A Large Frog That Makes A Loud, Deep Sound
Kids’ Game Played With Marbles, Chinese __
Emperor Of France Defeated By Wellington
Science Of Animal Behavior
Long And Narrow Land Next To The Ocean
Billy Budd, An Opera By __ Britten
Far Flung Weapon From Ancient Greece