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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 166 Puzzle 1
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Dwarf Leopard Of Central And South America
Large Metal Or Wooden Piece Carried For Protection
__ The Line Of Duty, 42 Movie Narrated By Reagan
Aardwolf Is A Crime Lord On Madripoor __
Violent, Hostile, Forceful Act Against Another
__ Shaping Corrects Small Problems In Teeth
The Evening Meal, Typically An Informal One
Opposite Of Weak
Flat Bottomed Container In A Lab
Bacteria Are __-celled Microorganisms
Japanese Grid, Logical Number Game
Insect With Pincher Believed To Burrow In Ears
Huge Spanish Fleet To Attack England
Magician Of The Arthurian Legend
Good And __, Purple And White Licorice Candy
__ Of The Jedi Has The First Ewoks In Star Wars
Heavy __, A Serious Player; Boxer Who Hits Hard

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 166 Puzzle 2
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Beach In Rio De Janeiro Known For A Certain Girl
Girl With A Pearl __, Vermeer Oil Painting
__ Finch, Character From To Kill A Mockingbird
Surgeon’s Cutting Tool
Pre-10th-century Japanese Straight Sword
Many American Traditions Come From This Region
Old World Woodpecker
Internal Parts, Organs, Entrails, Slang Word
Force That Holds Us Down On Earth
Greek Goddess Of Agriculture
__ To Plan Is Planning To Fail
Shooting A Bow And Arrow At A Target
narrow Opening Made By Parts Separating

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 166 Puzzle 3
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__ City Has Been Hit By The Most Tornadoes
Denise __, Ex-wife Of Charlie Sheen
African Horned, Hopping “deer”
A Device For Timing The Boiling Of An Egg
Small Sacs Of Tissue Next To The Tonsils
Residents Of Indiana Are Known As __
A French Dish Made From Beaten Eggs Fried In A Pan
To Remove Troops From A Combat Area
Japanese Company That Brought Us Mario And Luigi
A Summer Olympic Sport
These Are Raced In Nova Scotia’s Bizarre Regatta
A __ House Is Like A Hotel, You Pay For A Room
Medium-green Chili Pepper, Eaten On Spicy Foods
Parts Of A Tv Show
Cowboy In Charge Of Livestock

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 166 Puzzle 4
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First Commercial Computer With A Mouse
Antioxidant Berry; Sauce Served At Thanksgiving
__ Sling, Asian Cocktail, Originally Gin Sling
To Live In A New Country For Permanent Residence
Ramallah Is The Administrative Center Of __
Related To The Science Of Equipment Design
Study Of Fables And Tales
Anagram Of Cart Horse
Risky Circus Performer With African King
Frank Capra’s Uplifting Film, It’s A __ Life
The Delicacy Called Milt Is Made Of This
Dried Nuts Are In This Famous Christmas Cake
Thigh Muscle, Common Sporting Muscle Pull
Klimt Painted __ Frieze
The __ Sloth Is One Of The Slowest Mammals
Joy Behar’s Actual First Name

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 166 Puzzle 5
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Antiquated Term For Keeper Of Horses
Cone-shaped Candy Found In Ukraine
He Devised The Concept Of Conditioned Reflex
Siberian River Flows Into The Bering Sea
Turn Attention To Something Else
Builder Of “the Happiest Place On Earth”
Egyptian Goddess Of Lower Cataracts Of The Nile
__ & Mather, Us Important Advertising And Pr Agency
List Of Cases Set For Court On A Set Day
Dark Red-brown Color; Someone Stuck On An Island
Jump __, Was House Of Pain’s 90s Party Anthem
novelist Played By Phillip Seymour Hoffman