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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 1
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To Soak Up Liquid, Sponge Or Towel
Competitor Who Enters A Game To Cheat
__ Planet, World’s Largest Travel Guide
Aka Polar Wool, Insulating Synthetic Fabric
Formerly In Prussia, Gained Independence After Wwi
Common Pet Lizard With A Long Tail
Scooping Constellation, Can Be Big Or Small
Canine Loves Snacks As Much As His Scruffy Friend
Allies, In Their Native American Language
They Make Socks Or Stockings Posher
Bible Book Describes Settlement Of Canaan
Rapper Marshall Mathers Iii, Aka __
Spanish Version Of A Soap Opera
Known By The Egyptians As The City Of Waset
A Large Public Procession Of A Festive Nature
In Conclusion
Japanese Religion With Multiple Gods, Shrines
Violent Encounter Between Military Forces
Road Runner Chaser Often Seen Falling Off Cliffs

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 2
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Famous For Unintentional (or Not) Word Plays
__ One, Credit Card; “what’s In Your Wallet”?
Any Of The Instruments Used In A Kitchen
Home __, The Final Part Of Something
Streaming Site, Originally Mail Order Dvd Service
Present-day Version Of Prince Charming
Tube Used To Breathe Underwater
Try Again If At First You Don’t __
Dead Man __, Sean Penn Is On Death Row
Box Where Anyone Can Drop Off Mail
This South African Neighbor Also Had Apartheid
__ Leap, 80s Time Travel Science Fiction Tv Show
Solar __ Are Covered With Toxic Mucus
Object In A 2:3 Orbital Resonance With Neptune
Lead Of Broadway’s Wicked
This Browser’s Logo Is A Panda, Not A Fox
Person’s Real Name, Not Pseudonym
Fish Live In Schools In Pacific And Atlantic
Precursor To Paper, Invented In Egypt In 3000 Bc

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 3
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Mountains Between The Black And Caspian Seas
In Custody Before Trial
Wrote The Loneliness Of The Long-distance Runner
An __ In Paris, Gershwin’s Musical 1951 Film
Something Related To The Sea Or Ships
La __ Play At The Staples Center
This Iron Ore Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years
Jewish Dessert Of Knotted Pastries, Honey
__ Tuna Is Also Known As The White Tuna
At __ Pace = Very Slowly
Aquatic Animal, 5 Arms, Regrows Body Parts
Ancient Military Piece That Throws Objects
Three Sides, Three Angles, Acute And Obtuse
Sweet Topping Found On Cakes And Cupcakes
Arthur’s Best Knight In The Round Table

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 4
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The Jazz-age Flapper Cartoon Character
Cake Known For Its Ringlike Shape
neolithic Stone Settlement In Scotland
Small Amounts Of Water From The Sky
Highest Executive Officer In A Republic
Type Of Coding Used To Create Links
Collecting Of Bank Notes And Cheques
Common Place For Teachers In A School Or College
Are Greedy Of Mulberry Leaves
Animal Blamed For Everything
The Highest German Military Honor
Marge Hides __ Money In Her Hair, The Simpsons
__ On Elm Street
Don Johnson Crime Drama Based In Florida
Sweet Board Game With Gumdrops And Brittle
David Lynch Cult Tv Series
Valencian Spring Festival With Burning Effigies
Patron Of Accountants And Bankers
Hr: Human __

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 5
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Elastic Fabric That “expands”
Chess-playing Hoax Named After Arabic People
Socially Awkward 1958 French Comedy
The White Of An Egg
Person Who Is Acknowledged
Region Where Gravity Effect Is Zero
To Tell Customs You Are Traveling With Something
One Horned, Mythical Horse
__ Packard Aka Hp, Former Computer Company
Padded, Upholstered Bench, Asian Empire
Breed Of Dog Trained To Hunt Birds
Area Using This Unit Of Land Measurement
San __, Central Texas City, Home To Spurs
The __ Cookie, Lemmon, Matthau First Movie
Object Formed By Die Casting, Hot Wheels Cars
Place For Longterm Storage For Meats, Ice Cream