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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 1
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Item That You Can Physically See And Touch
Muscle In The Mouth, Contains Taste Buds
Building Holding Those Who Break The Law
The __, Book By Bernhard Schlink. Later A Movie.
Village Of The __, Unemotional Kids, Horror Flick
__ Of The Apes, Heston Is Astronaut Who Crashes
Undergo Pain, Distress, Loss, Grief, Injury
Evil Spirits In Arab Mythology Linked To Graveyards
__ & White Didemnum Are Sea Squirts
Donald Sutherland’s Son, Jack Bauer
Ordained, Christian Clergyman With Authority
Cooked Sausage, Usually Served On A Bun

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 2
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Derogatory Term For An Intellectual Person
“can You Hear Me Now?” Phone Company
Special Outfit Worn By Sports Teams
Girl Talk Is A 1988 Game For __ Girls
Author Of The Shining: __ King
__ Up, Don’t Take Things So Seriously
Scandinavian Country
Avatar Is A 2009 James __ Film
Aerial Act Where The Performer Hangs By The Teeth
The Process In Which Energy Is Emitted As Waves
Widely Known Type Of Bear Known For Its Temper
Actor Played Cruise’s Long-lost Autistic Brother
Multicolored Cookie
Officially Announce Or Proclaim Something
Angels’ Boss On Fawcett’s Detective Show
Type Of Zoo Designed For Young Children
Hard, “fragile” Candy Usually Made With Peanuts
One Made Is A Debt Unpaid
Final __, Science Fiction Role Playing Game

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 3
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Marbled __ Is A Freshwater Asian Ray
Ammit, Egyptian Goddess Who __ Souls
Folded Pamphlet Used By Companies To Market
Study Of Mosses And Liverworts
A Unit Of Power Equal To One Million Watts
A Keyboard Symbol, Like A Star
Blue-spotted __ Has Bright Blue Spots
The Assasination Of __ Ferdinand Started Wwi
A Partner In Everything, Superheroes Have One
Clouding Of Eye That Reduces Vision
Finish Time For Procrastinators: The __ Hour
Short Legged Japanese Table, No Chairs Used
__ 1st Of May, Massive North Korean Stadium
A Nanny Is Hired To Care For __ In The Family Home
__ Diving, Digging Through Garbage Bins
Milk Produced By A “bearded” Animal
__ Islands, Source Of Argentine, English Contempt
What Lends Enchantment To The View

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 4
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Purple Coneflower Drunk As Tea To Ward Off Colds
Alan Turing’s Codebreaking Park
State Where The Fictitional Genoa City Is
French Writer Of The Naturalistic School
netflix Show About A Blind Marvel Superhero
Patron Of Milan And Opponent Of Arianism
To Lose Body Liquid
Someone Who Attends A Lot Of Social Events
Ancient Asian Printing Invented In Han Dynasty
Bees Are Found On Every __ But Antarctica
__ Ideas, Typical Of Old Fogeys
__ Lerche, German Pastry Used To Use Lark
Digestive Organ Comes In Small, Large Sizes
Snow White Nemesis Who Hated Her Mirror, The __
Era Marked End Of Stone Age, Beginning Of Farming
Seattle’s Canadian Neighbor
Anchor Lights Are __ At Night When At Anchor

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 5
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Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa And Maggie
The Ones Who Never Win
Minor Planet In Inner Solar System; Atari Game
Rock Band That Stood Up Against Ticketmaster
Jewish Expression For Congratulations
Fish Able To Puff Itself Up With Air To Look Large
Eye Condition That Can Cause Loss Of Vision
Hindu Guru Of 20th Century Known Around World
Song Recorded By Elvis Presley In 1956
Another Name For Baseball
Sea __ Is A Squishy, Sausage-shaped Animal
Led __, Sued In 2016 For Copyright Infringement
Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift
Heat Exchanger Cools The Engine Of A Car
Main Support Pole For The Main Tent In Circus
Works With Elephants In A Circus
In A Circus, The Area Behind The Big Top
The First Full-length Pixar Film
Sulfosalt Delisted As Mineral In 2006