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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 1
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Popular White Christmas Drink
__ Of The King, Movie That Won 11 Oscars
Genetic Predisposition To Certain Traits
Species From Planet Earth In The Solar System
“paper Roses”: A No. 1 Country Hit For Marie __
Small Drinking Device For Hot Beverage
__ Nut, Popular Cookie Also Called A Snap
nasty Word Spelled Backwards In The Shining
A Gang Leader Or A Lighting Electrician
not Yet Taken
Able __ Is Someone Able To Do All Duties
Auto __, Cars Speeding After Each Other
Person Plays A Sport Of Balls With Holes And Pins
The __ Cat Is Known For Its Hairless Skin

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 2
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__ Hope All Ye Who Enter Here, Dante Said Of Hell
The Lightest Of All Metals
Telling A Computer To Do Something
To Lift Up, Raise To A Higher Place
Scenes Shot For Movies, Tv Shows, Etc
Characterized By Lightness And Ease Of Movement
A Long Passionate Kiss
Oldest Living Former French President, 1970s
To Set Upon Or Work Against Forcefully
Emilio __, Charlie Sheen’s Brother
Biliary System Is The Gall__, Bile Ducts, And Bile
A Detailed Report
Blood Thirsty, Parasitic Insects In Mattresses
Skin Condition When You Are In The Sun Too Long
Has A Hard-shell And White Milky Juice
Walter __, Won An Oscar For The Fortune Cookie
name Of The Military College Of South Carolina
Breakfast, Snack Food Including Rolled Oats
Berry-bearing Plant From Cypress Family
nationality Of The Author Leo Tolstoy
All Quiet On The __ Front, Won An Oscar In 1931
Fit For Kneeling On

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 3
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Judicial __, Post Conviction Decision
To Inform; Cause To Know
Jack __, Main Character In S. King’s The Shining
Let __ Dogs Lie
Pre Cell, Phone Allowed Callers To Walk Around
Senet Is An Ancient __ Board Game From 3500 Bc
The Bed Or Channel In Which A River Flows
Commune Of Medieval Tuscany
The Language With Most Native Speakers
Pokemon That Evolves Into Mega Alakazam
Pricy, Small Circular Cake In Many Colors
Hispid __ Are Bright Yellow With A White Lure
Iranian Bowed String Instrument
Figure Skating Olympic Medalist Tara __
Halloumi Cheese Cypriot Dessert
__ Tables Have Intricately Carved Edges
naturally Produced Sugar Of The Body
Reduction On Taxable Income
Owns Or Manages A Guest-house
Accounts For The Even Speed Of A Machine

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 4
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Pogo Is A Possum And Albert An __
Grape, Wine With Long History In Central Italy
Fish Closely Related To Marlins
A Person Who Trains Lions
Public Display Of __, Also Known As Pda
Ground Force Unit With Two Or More Companies
__ Zeta-jones, Actress Of Chicago
Farmhouse, Barn And Other Buildings
Armed Forces Of Nazi Germany
Separates Solids From Oil In A Engine
Surname Of A Man Who Made A List That Saved People
Head-burying Birds
Type Of Hay Baler Invented In 1936
Another Name For Bigfoot
Low Quality Counterfeit

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 5
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Giuseppe __, Led Italy To Two World Cup Victories
To Turn Something Upside Down
Space __, David Bowie Song
Cruise Is Airman Who Loses Friend Goose
Fruit __, Colorful Zebra-like Chewing Gum
__ And Ladders, Aka Snakes And Ladders
Green, Wormlike Dessert From Se Asia
Leafy Sea __ Has Seaweed-like Camouflage
Caravaggio Painted Supper At __
Estimate The Value Of Something For Taxes
Housebuilding Animal Whose Teeth Never Stop Growing
Outlaw, Highwayman, Robber
Funniest Home __
Reaction Of The Skin, Itchy, Swollen, Scaling
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Has The Mother Of __
Three __ Pigs, Kid’s Classic, 1933 Disney Film
Small Leaf-shaped Knife Used By Filipino Muslims
Tim __ Directed Alice In Wonderland In 2010
Food That Is Blessed By A Rabbi
The __ Of Korra Is A Game Based Off The Tv Show
not Quite All, Almost All
Sherlock __: The Devil’s Daughter Released 2016
Vehicle Fuel Type; Italian Fashion Brand