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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 1
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Kid’s __ Awards, Nickelodeon Juvenile Event
Maroon 5 Frontman, Adam __
Bright Bird, Usually Yellow Or Orange With Black
Someone Who Revises Written Or Recorded Works
__ Is A Game Of Assault And Defense
Based On Water Discharge, Largest River In World
Italian Grilled Sandwich, Uncommon Spelling
__-flap Scorpionfish Has A Reddish-purple Color
Emergency Allergy Device, Its Cost Rose In 2016
Harpies Are __ Monsters With Bird Forms
Machu __, Ancient Peruvian Settlement
Country Located In Two Different Continents
Japanese Honorific Title Used In Martial Arts

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 2
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Charles __, Major Commanding The Nagasaki Bombing
now, __, 1942 Film Inspired By Whitman Poem
French For Good Morning
Glands In The Body That Produce Different Hormones
Flowering Part Of A Plant, When Open
Whales And Dolphins Are __
Atari’s Game Centipede Makes Players Kill __
Decorated, Ornaments Added To Something
Utensil With A Flat End For Spreading Foods
Every One Hundred Years A New One Starts
Someone Who Sells Items In The Street
Fond Of Playing On Words
Visible Part Of An Ant Colony, Sticks Up Above Ground
Appendage Found In Theaters, Cars For Arms
The __, Movie Role Gave Foster Best Actress Oscar
Rotating Machine Invented In African Roman Empire
An Island Republic Which Used To Belong To Denmark
Something Odd Or Different
Shoes Designed For Long Distance Sport
Ruth __ Created Chief Inspector Wexford

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 3
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Mega Sci Fi Movie Franchise Began In 1977
Juno Is The Roman Goddess Of __
Dangerous Mineral Once Used In Construction
Item To Protect You From Rain
Barbara __, Best-selling Author Of Love Stories
The Inside Of Something
Container To Confine Birds; Mike Nichols Film
Southern States Named After King Charles
Starred In Hitchcock Films, Australian Judith __
__ Cricket Association Ground, Largest In India
Tommy __, Will Smith’s Men In Black Co-star
Large Ray With Horns On Each Side Of Mouth
__ Up Baby, Movie With K. Hepburn And C. Grant
Cooked, Sliced Meats Aka Lunch Meat

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 4
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Whapuku, Or __: Large Prized Fish From Australia
A Concept Album Released By The Beach Boys In 1966
Fork Makes Twirling This Pasta Easier
It Grabs Children And Pulls Them Into Lakes
Former New York Yankees Baseball Player
City Where Harry Potter Was Written In A Cafe
nickname Of The Heavyweight Boxer Rubin Carter
He Played Will Truman On Will & Grace
Painted __ Has Large Spines On Dorsal Fins
Muff, Bungle
Lucky Talisman, Tossing Game With “ringers”
X-ray Of Your Blood Vessels With Dye
Popular Casino Game, Aka Twenty One
William I’s Epithet
__ Night’s Dream, A Shakespeare’s Comedy
Set Of Glasses, Cups Used To Set Table
A Holy City For Jews, Christians And Muslims Alike
Opposition To An Idea Leading To Violence
Ordained Minister, Member Of The Clergy
Study Of Meaning-making
Plant That Encourages Kissing At Christmas
Holly __, Protagonist Of Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Very Small Unit; One Billionth Of A Meter
Kristin __, American Actress From Oklahoma

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 5
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Trained Haltered Animals In Circus, Not Horses
Discipline Focuses On Rain
Another Name For Surgery
He Devised An Invaluable Table
Skin Damage Due To Prolonged Exposure To The Cold
Pachucos Invariably Wore These
Identical And __ Twins
This Discipline Centers Around Clouds
A Person’s Way Of Looking At Something
Fruit Cake From Milan, End Of Year Festivities
Fish Known For Angelic Fins, Stripes, And Movements
Holden __, Main Character Of An Acclaimed Novel
Michelle Obama’s Alma Mater
Something That Can Be Used Over And Over Again