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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 1
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Refrigerator Predecessor; Slabs Of Frozen Water
To Fall Forward, Tumble Down, Top Heavy
Rodolfo __, Brazilian Painter
Shape-altering Single-celled Parasite
Called The Fuzz As Well
7th __ Stretch, Late Game Break In Baseball
Character That Goes Through Few Changes
Wizard Of Oz Character Had No Heart
Pre-console Videogame Gathering Place
Utensil Used To Remove Skin From Foods
Ascending, Growing, Advancing
__ Women, Famous Novel, Film In 1933, 1949
Bomb Developed By The Allies In 1945
Large Bird, Raised On Farms, Cooked For Dinners

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 2
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Kristen __, Star Of The Twilight Saga
Celery Has Negative __ Content
Jean __, Actress Of Spartacus
Does Not Have Gametes
Shabbat Morning Pastry Found In Israel
Male Bird That Displays The Feathers Like A Fan
Acknowledge With Definite Assurance
A Small Fish
Detroit __ Play At The Palace Of Auburn Hills
Gone For Good, Extinct
Tom Clancy’s __ Six Siege Released Dec 2015
Reinvented How We Hear The National Anthem
Woman Who Inherits A Large Estate
A Ban On Trade With Another Nation

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 3
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The Capital Of United Arab Emirates
__ Jets Play Hockey At The Mts Centre
Science Of Pure Being, The Nature Of Things
Cocktail Looks Like South American Nation Flag
Alleged Biological Warfare Agent In Early America
Choplifter Was On Atari, Sega, And __
Saintlike Islamic Teacher Of West Africa
Known For Paypal, Tesla And Spacex
__ Feather Star Has 31 To 120 Feathery Arms
“blue” Mutant Ninja Turtle Who Uses Swords
__ Bogart, American Actor
Saying Hello To A Person When You Meet
Author Of The Novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Oops! A Mishap
Gigantic, Huge, A __ Effort
Male Of This Sea Species Carries The Unborn
Figure Of Speech; Symbolic, Not Literal
Mountainous Region Between Black And Caspian Seas
To Strike With A Sudden Feeling, Usually Good
Battleship Is A __ Game For Two People

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 4
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A Sport Played During The Olympic Games
Marvin Gaye Sang About This Source For Gossip
__ At Tiffany’s, Hepburn’s Iconic Movie
Shark Tale Starred Renée __ As Angie
Guyana’s Largest River Located Between Two Giants
Gay Bar In Nyc Site Of Riots In 1969
__, International Cast, 1966 Racing Movie
X, Y And Z Coordinates Are All This
The King Of Crete Commanded The Building Of The __
Large Seabird That Is Almost Extinct
Tim Burton Directed Pee-wee’s Big __
High School Science Course, Substances
Christian Field, Study Of Saints
A Winter Olympic Sport
To Get Another Company To Do Part Of The Work
The __, Won The Academy Awards In 1961
Mattel’s Toy Car Line
Dog Breed That Shares Name With A Mexican State
Popular Us Fruit Juice Brand
Tv Show Starring The Adventurer Bear Grylls

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 5
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Spiritual Seeker, “one Who Practices”
Swamp Boat, Driven By Caged Airplane Propeller
Suspected, Supposed Action, Crime
Colorful, Disc Cookie With Filled Center
The Act Of Making Designs With Acid Or The Like
Sesame Seed Filipino Delicacy
Fancied Up, Dressed For Show
Container Used To Carry Water, Used By Militaries
Rapid Pulsation In The Heart, Vibration
The One The Groom Relies On To Have His Back
Popular Red Pepper Typically Dried Aka Cow Horn
Desert And Reward Seldom Keep __
Coati Are __ In The Raccoon Family
Weapon You Wouldn’t Want In Hot Potato
Charlie Sheen’s Real Surname
The __ Queen, Hepburn Missionary In Colony
A Place Where Children Stay While Parents Work