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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 1
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First Of These Lights In 4th Century Syria
__ Black, Sci-fi Drama About A Woman And Her Clones
The Sad Donkey On Winnie The Pooh
__ And Jeckle Were Cartoon Crows With Accents
San Francisco Baseball Team, Ny Football Big Men
South African Jam
To Make A Record Of, Systematic Collecting
A Digit Is Usually A __ Or Toe
Texas Ranger, Martial Artist, Tough Guy Meme
Popular Italian Cheese Similar To Parmesan
One Engaged In A Mutual Obligation To A Lord
High Redshift Sources Of Eletromagnetical Energy
John __, Monty Python Co-founder
Witch Means Wise Woman In This Language
Engaged In Some Type Of Action, Busy
Largest Feline In Americas, Related To Leopards
After Motown, Detroit’s Late 80s Music Genre
Structures That Perform A Special Task In The Body
Medium-sized Feline Found In America, Bobbed Tail

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 2
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It Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
One Of The Phases Of The Moon
The April Ones Bring Forth May Flowers
Mechanical Excavator Found At Construction Sites
Magazine That Helps You Traverse Tv Programming
Dig Dug’s Hero Wins By __ And Killing Monsters
Cous Cous Is The National Dish Of This Country
Emerson Radio Game Console Lasted Just 18 Months
Found In Milk And Cheeses, Helps Bones Grow
What Makes The Man, According To Shakespeare
Showing No Emotion, Enthusiasm, Expression
Bottom-dwelling Fish In North Atlantic
Harry Potter And The __ Hallows Has 2 Parts
Largest Planet In The Solar System
Insect That Digs In Sand To Wait For Prey
A Person With The Inability To Feel Touch
Capital Of Vatican, __ City
__ Quo: One Thing For Another In Latin
John __ Is Pacha In The Emperor’s New Groove
In Mythology She Is Linked To A Box

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 3
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Very Near The End
Female With The Body Of A Bird In Russian Folklore
Jesus’ Childhood Home, Arabic Israel Capital
Enrolled In The Military
Plato’s Infamous Underwater City
Very Thin Layer Of Tissue Covering A Surface
Sweet, Creamy Mixture That Is Used To Cover Cakes
__ Park, Blockbuster About Dinosaur Island
Washington __ Play At The Verizon Center
northern China Sea Aka Bo Sea
Literature On How To Prepare Food
The Old Ones Never Die, Just Fade Away
Chinese Dog Breed Whose Name Means Puffy-lion Dog
Rigor After Death, Rigid Stature
Animated Kid’s Playthings, Woody, Buzz, Hamm

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 4
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__ And Nesta, Italian Soccer Duo
A Period Of Three Years
Official Name Of Study Of Mites
Song From “hair”: “good Morning __”
July 4th Must-haves From 10th Century China
A Person Who Comes From A Nordic Island Country
The Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel __
Bright Orange Fish With White Stripes, Nemo
Potassium Nitrate
Mediterranean Grilled Mince Meat Dish
Bright Orange Cheese Used In Philly Sandwiches
Jamaican Religion Associated With Long Dreds

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 5
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The Eye Of An __ Is Bigger Than Its Brain
Another Name For Low Fat Ice Cream
Deviate Away From The Main Topic
The Brain Is The Head Of The Central __ System
What The Rotten Apple Does To Its Neighbours
Us City Where The Gateway Arch Can Be Found
Self-respect In Speech And Conduct
Behind The Second To Last Defender In Soccer
Roman Goddess Of Wisdom And Divine Counsel
Quito Is The Capital Of
Biggest Ocean On The Planet
Western European Country; Capital Is Brussels
__ Hebdo, Satirical Magazine Attacked In 2015
Alzheimer’s __, Degenerative Disease Of The Brain
Skin Disease Of Constant Redness On The Face
The __ Life Of Henry Viii, Post Boleyn Beheading
Italian Renaissance Painter, Melozzo __
Eight-legged Insects Feared By Many
Half-sized Flute Made In Italy
new __, Place Where Lord Of The Rings Was Shot
The Smallest State In The World
Boat Sport Using The Wind To Traverse
Bringing Something To An End, Conclusion
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