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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 1
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Hilly Wine Region Also Known For White Truffles
Barrel __ Is The ‘redwood Of The Reef’
Jeremy __, Avengers Hawkeye Actor
Increase In Size, Volume, Extent
A Soft Gentle Breeze, Car Model
Frankenweenie Is A 2012 Animated __ Film
Taking Place In Winter
__ Octopus Has A White Pupil And Rust Colored Arms
Harry Chapin’s Fatherhood Song, Cat’s In The __
A Pot Used For Boiling Water
__ Edison, American Inventor
Cw Telenovela Inspired Sitcom, Jane The __

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 2
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23rd James Bond Film With Bardem As A Bad Guy
First Name Of The Most Famous Psychoanalyst
Carnivores Are __ That Eat Only Meat
Current That Sent The Portuguese Away From India
Regarded With Pleasure, Approval, Wonder
Overly Stressed About An Event
Dental __, Surgical Fixture For Missing Teeth
Katharine __ Won The Oscars Four Times
Pirate Known As Black Sam
Whiskered Water Mammal That “barks”
Low-cut Shirt With No Sleeves, Worn In Hot Weather
Power Unit Is Measured In __
It Makes Your Eyes Water
Benedict Arnold’s Crime

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 3
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Science Of Causes, Especially Of Disease
Large Deer, Both Male And Female Grow Antlers
Trousers Barely Reaching Below The Knees
A 1969 Western Film Starring John Wayne
Loser, Beaten, Destroyed
Kazuo __, British Writer Born In Nagasaki
Dragon-slaying Patron Of England
__ Development, Tv Show About The Bluth Family
Ancient Trade Network Connecting East And West
Us Christmas Singing Activity, House To House
Edgar __, Writer Whose Work Deals With Mystery
Eastern African River, Starts In Ethiopian Mountains
A Place Where Research Or Planning Is Done
Greek God Of Wine, Parties And Theater
Humming Social News Site
Drink Made For Historic 1969 Stroll
Placard Holder In Bikinis At Fighting Events
The Bones In Your Body Make Up The __
People Know This State As The “show Me” State

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 4
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Movie About A Roman General Who Became A Slave
name Given To A Coffee Drink Created In Australia
__ Fish Are White With Black Or Brown Lines
Cold-blooded Vertebrate Animal
Atomic Number 12, Abundant Element From Stars
A Skin Condition In Humans
Empire’s Headquarters Built And Destroyed Twice
Single-line Poem
Cinderella’s Fairy __ Helps Her Go To The Ball
Cocktail Tastes Like York Peppermint Pattie
Log Cake With Candies Inside
Remains Of A Ship That Crashed
name Honors Home Of The Rum And Coke
Unlawful __, Illegal Firing Of An Employee
First Meal Of The Day
Mountains Closest To Nyc

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 176 Puzzle 5
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Fruit Belong To Rose Family As Do Pears And Plums
Bristle-__ Tube Worm Has Long Hairs All Over
Rum Cocktail Of 1939 Nyc World’s Fair
To Empower, Authorize, Permit Someone To Act
Inflamed Oil Gland, Infected, Pus Pocket On Skin
Farm __, System Of Minor Teams
Ancient Queen Of Persia Who Has A Bible Book
Fermented Dough Used For A New Batch
__ Wonderland, Snowy Walking Environment
__ Steam Turbine Was Invented In 1884
To Stop Plans You’ve Made With Friends
Sale Of Goods To Consumers, Not Discount Or Bulk
Born On The __ Of July, Cruise Plays A Vet
Robert __ Jr, Actor In Iron Man
To Remember, Recollect; Bring Out Of Memory
To Get Troops Together For Battle, Inspection, Etc
__ Tree, Shel Silverstein Classic Children’s Book
Two-dimensional Code Developed In Japan
__ Peet, American Actress
Puddingwife __ Is An Atlantic Ocean Fish