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CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 1
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The Greek Muse Of Astronomy
Sole Woman Of Black Eyed Peas, Not Royalty
Club-__ Scale Worm Live On Sea Cucumbers
Lilo’s Monstrous Looking Friend
Opening In A Wall To See Out Of
United All Frankish Tribes Under One Ruler
Latina Star Played By Jennifer Lopez On Screen
Large Metal Can For Ashes
Bases __, Pitcher’s Nightmare, A Slam Prerequisite
Generic Term For Chinese Martial Arts
Application That Allows The User To Act
Primitive “brain” That Caused Dexter’s Urges
__ Mann, German Novelist Who Won The Nobel Prize
Cu, Malleable, Used In Wiring, Turns Green
Official Currency Of Morocco
Picture The Theme Of Which Are Ships Or The Sea
__ Shoots Are The Edible Part Of Bamboo Plants
Proverb, Something Said A Lot
Person With Detailed Knowledge Of A Specific Field
Je __, Senior Religious Hierarch Of Bhutan
Inventor Of Wax Paper: Thomas __

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 2
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Attached, Impressed On, Fastened
Payment To A Former Spouse
Roustabout Is A Circus __ Or Labourer
Scam, Fiddle, Racket
West Antarctica Sea Near Coats Land
A Place Where People Grow Fruit Trees
Kate __, British Actress Of Titanic
One Should Keep Them Closer
One Who Thinks Very Highly Of Oneself
Female Emperor, Head Of A Country Or Empire
Ocean Mammal Known For Its Intelligence
One __ Of Your Bones Are In Your Feet
Band, Molding, On A Column Shaft
School Known As Birthplace Of College Football
German Secret State Police

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 3
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Liquid Inside __ Can Be Used For Blood Plasma
Rapper Who Released The Hit U Can’t Touch This
Abdominal Thrust Maneuver Used On People Choking
Team That Is Playing At Home, Opposing The Visitor
Hbo Series About A Crime Family
Kids’ Card Game Involves Assault
Dolph __, Actor Of Rocky And Expendables
Word Or Phrase Everyone Is Using
Pasta Means “little Stars” In Italian
Aged, Air Dried And Salted Italian Beef
Main Character In As You Like It

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 4
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__ Bale, From Child Actor To Batman
Science Of Pests, Bugs, Not People
Designer Of Buildings
Repugnant, Sickening
A Student Of History
Spending More Than You Have In Your Bank Account
School Homework; An Excel Document
Bright, Intelligent
Small Creature With A Long Thin Body And Many Legs
Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, Adriaen __
The Capital Of Kentucky
Ricardo __, The Host Of The Fantasy Island
Racquet Sport With A Shuttlecock
Warm Suit Worn By Athletes
Fine Cut Tobacco Rolled In Thin Paper For Smoking
Reaction Causing Breakdown Of Material, E.g. Rust
__ Map, Semantic Network Aka Mental Map
A Bad One Makes A Bad Ending
Dutch Province Developed From Reclaimed Polders
Practical Wisdom; Excellent Character; Greek Word
To Barbecue
Ancient Greek H2o-powered Grain Crushers
Military Marching Style, Lifting The Leg High

CodyCross Fauna and Flora Group 179 Puzzle 5
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Tall Wading Bird With Pink Plumage
Hydrogen __, Used To Disinfect Cuts
Little Mussolini, Pink Dutch Cake
Physical Child Discipline Banned In Many Countries
Places Set Up To Hold Prisoners During Conflicts
Joan __, Portrayed In Mommie Dearest
Better Call Saul Star Bob __
The Sound Of H As In Hag
To Work Together, Cooperate
Clapping Spanish Dance Performed By Couples
Ancient Religion That Preaches The Middle Way
Herb Similar To Oregano With Pine, Citrus Flavors
Red Bean Pancake, Japanese Confection
Tropical Fish With Dragon-like Fins And Eyes
Fairy Tale Character With Long Hair
World War I Was Also Known As The __
G.i. Joe: A Real __ Hero 1985 Apple Video Game
__ Moon Knives, Used In Chinese Martial Arts