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CodyCross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 1
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The Place Where Celebrities Exhibit Their Gowns
Medication That Kills A Virus In The Body
The Chemical Element Pu
northern European Country, Its Capital Is Vilnius
Highly Pleased
Children Of A Couple
Korean Martial Art; Olympic Sport
__ Islands; Darwin’s Evolution Theory
Mythical Rabbit With Antlers From North America
Invented The Printing Press In Late Middle Ages
An Entomologist
Liquid Used For Oral Hygiene
Small Case For Carrying Papers For Work

CodyCross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 2
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World’s Most Popular Online Antivirus Protection
Buffy’s Occupation Related To Vampires
Removing A Piece Of Tissue For A Detailed Exam
Special Right Of Inventors To Make Or Sell An Item
Very Muscular Or Strong; Type Of Papertowels
Type Of Movie Genre; Scary, Bloody
Covering On The Outside Of A Building
Fish Sauce; Raw Meat Dish
Ability That Allows You To Be Better At Something
Separation Of __ And State

CodyCross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 3
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Shy, Timid, Quiet
Cook In Advance
Farthest Planet From The Sun
Someone Who Helps You To Run A Business
Black-__ Newt Is Found In Texas, Has Black Spots
Atari Classic Game; Jumping Across Alligators
Particular Version Of A Paper Or Book
Animal Form Of Vitamin A; A Skincare Serum
Dishonest Public Official, With No Integrity
nail __, Scissors For The Fingers And Toes
Humidifier Is A __ That Puts Moisture In The Air

CodyCross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 4
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The Horse Alydar Lost To 7 Out Of 10 Times
The Catcher In The Rye, By J.d __
Someone Who Sends Goods To Another Place
Used To Operate Valves In Combustion Engines
He Invented The Lightning Rod, Bifocals And A Stove
The __ And The Bobby-soxer, Movie With C. Grant
One Of The Heroes Of The Trojan War
Popeye’s Skinny Fiancée
A Device To Replace Missing Teeth
To Haul A Criminal Under The Bottom Of A Ship

CodyCross Inventions Group 44 Puzzle 5
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Traveler Who Chronicled The Mongolian Rule In China
Box-shaped Instrument, Half Piano, Half Bellows
English Novelist Famous For His Atonement Novel
__ Housewives, Tv Drama Set In Wisteria Lane
Ptsd: Post-__ Stress Disorder
name For Historical Game Birds In Holiday Songs
Device, Such As Clock Or Watch, For Measuring Time
Tulsa Golden __ Play At Skelly Field
newspapers, Internet, Television, Radio
Someone Who Studies Rocks And Lands
Only To A Chosen Few
Cold, Sweet Drink Made With Ice Cream
In Medieval Mythology The Enemy Of The Dragon