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CodyCross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 1
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Someone Who Carries Baseball Bats For The Team
Father Of Angelina Jolie, Jon __
nerd Rockers Who Paid Tribute To Buddy Holly
Buzz __, Astronaut, The Second To Walk On Moon
It Has 4 Sides In Equal Length
Reflective Surface In A Bathroom To See Yourself
Ancient Counting Frame
Monty __, British Comedy Group Of The Absurd
Plant Used In Japanese Cooking, Paste Or Beans
Area Known For Being Dry, Sandy
Prevents Antonio From Losing A Pound Of Flesh
Social App Geared Towards Homosexual Or Bisexual Men
Transform Something Into Another Form
Large Caliber Gun From The 16th Century

CodyCross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 2
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Common Herb Used As A Garnish
Device Used To Preserve Food At Low Temperatures
__ Deep, Deepest Part Of The Tonga Trench
Animated Series Set In The Space Age
Mcdonald’s Chubby Purple Mascot
Deep And Painful Regret About Something
Musical Composition And Combination Of Chords
Line Of Ancestry, Tracing Of The Family
Voting Age Dropped To 18 During This War
The __ Of The Lambs, Thriller With Jodie Foster
Resistance To Motion, Exertion, Or Change

CodyCross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 3
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Item That Is Used To Prove Guilt Or Innocence
__ Cruz, Won An Oscar For Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Making And Operating Marionettes For Fun
Killing Of Many People Usually Of One Group
Process Of Producing Books, Etc By Using Machinery
Reduce The Storage Required For Data
Condition Of Too Much Acid In The Body
Exceeding Normal Sizes, Immense
Super Bowl Trophy Named After Legendary Coach
Rich Brown-red; A Type Of Wood
Someone Who Creates New Things
It Is A Virtue
Statement Of Equality With One Or More Variables

CodyCross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 4
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To Motivate Someone To Do Something
Bon __, Said By Waiters After Delivering Meals
__ Nation, Nickname Of An African Country
Part Of The Ear That Hangs Down, Usually Pierced
Ancient Language Spoken By Jesus
Thoroughly Washed Hands, Face, Body
He Played Folly In A Book
The Feel Of A Surface Or Substance
Film Starred By Liza Minelli
Person Who Frequents A Place, Area
Heavy Artillery Fire To Stop Enemy Troops
Little __, Group Led By Buckwheat, Spanky
He Discovered Electromagnetic Rotation
Marine Crustacean With Five Pairs Of Legs
Metal Wire That Allows Tv, Radio Signal Reception

CodyCross Inventions Group 45 Puzzle 5
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Adding Font Files Into An Electronic Document
Turn Something From One Language To Another
Housing Moisture Problem That Can Be Toxic
Polymer Commonly Used In Synthetic Clothes
Pass Liquid Through A Filter, Coffee
This Makes Prices Go Down
Praia Is The Capital Of __
They Are Famous For Their Memory
At A Later Time, Not The Current Time
Abraham __, Pioneer Of Yiddish Theatre
Hertz Demonstrated This In 1886
“blind Pig”, Place Sold Alcohol In 20s