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CodyCross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 1
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German Revolutionary Who Wrote A Famous Manifesto
Plant Used As Pain Reliever And Scent
Amount Greater Than Half, Needed To Win Elections
Barbara __, Versatile Actress Of Double Indemnity
Manageable Explosive Patented In 1867
Early Swimmers And Divers Used Reeds As __
Facebook Coo, Sheryl __
Urgency, Importance
Forceful Two Point Shot In Basketball
Type Of Radiation, Made The Incredible Hulk
One Good Turn __ Another
__ Band, High School Football Live Music
Round Pastry With A Hole In The Middle
__ Mile, Distance Measurement Of The Sea
Battle Won By The Shang Dynasty In China

CodyCross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 2
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Take An Unfair Share Of Something, Not Sharing
Small Body Of Water In A Channel, Brook, Rivulet
Shared The Nobel In Medicine With Fleming And Chain
Fruit Bats Are Also Called __ Foxes
natives Of Barbados
Member Of The Grass Family, Used To Make Beer
Her Ominous Stare Turned Men Into Stone
Tape Invented In 1930 By Richard Drew
The Sad Donkey On Winnie The Pooh
Twelve __, Family Tree For Jews
Detroit Sound That Brought Us Temptations

CodyCross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 3
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Plane Spotting Site In The Dutch Side Of Caribbean
John Deere Invented This In 1837
It Was First Bottled By French Benedictine Monks
Used For Surfing, Initially Made Of Wood
norovirus Is A Common Cause Of Food __
The __ Of Notre Dame, A Movie And An Animation
Bright Colored Salt Water Fish
Ready To Help Those In Distress
Pausing Punctuation Mark Between Two Main Clauses
Growing Plants, Trees, Fruits, Etc

CodyCross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 4
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Largest Member Of The Primate Family
The Rechargeable Lead-acid __ Was Invented In 1859
Given The Third Degree Or Put Through The __
Country Where 1st Glue Patent Was Issued In 1750
Acupuncture Uses __ Inserted Into The Body
To Place Furniture In
Regard With Disgust, Disdain, Distaste
Julia __, Pretty Woman Actress And Oscar Winner
A Group Of Stars Or Other Celestial Objects
School For Special Training, Military School

CodyCross Inventions Group 46 Puzzle 5
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Bomb Developed By The Manhattan Project
Light Green Vegetable Eaten And Used In Cooking
The __ Gin Was Invented By Eli Whitney In 1794
What You Hear Before Train Departure, All __
Ski Race Over Winding Course Marked With Poles
Carson City, Capital Of __
Item Used To Climb To A Higher Level
Bill Haley & His __, Rocked Around The Clock
Moving Without Having A Particular Place To Go
Luck, Risk, Not Predicted Or Controlled
Road Runner Chaser Often Seen Falling Off Cliffs
Medical Term For Injury
Code Computers And Programs Are Written In