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CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 1
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A Patient’s Medical History
Highest Executive Officer In A Republic
John Loud Invented And Patented This Pen In 1888
Middle Eastern Dish With Chopped Parsley Or Mint
Capital Of Israel
To Check; Fix The Measurement Of A Tool
Phony Showing Of Sadness: __ Tears
Surface Skin; Includes The First Two Skin Layers
Walter Hunt Patented The First __ Rifle In 1849
Disastrous Drop Of Snow On A Mountain
Head-burying Birds
Oscar Winner Who Had Her Own Tv Show In The 60s
Adverb Meaning In Strict Sense Commonly Misused
Murderous Clown In Stephen King’s Novel It
Led The Greeks In The Trojan War

CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 2
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Cooking Glaze Made Of Soy Sauce And Sugar
This __, Emmy Winning Home Improvement Show
Female Child
Used To Keep The Flames Burning
Someone Who Buys Goods Or Services
Sylvester __ Is Rocky Balboa
__ Is A 1985 Game Where You Deliver Papers
name Of An Early Plastic Invented Around The 1900s
Theodor Kober Helped To Design It In The 1890s
Lightweight, Small Shoes Which Are Easily Slipped On

CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 3
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nyc Toy Store In The Film Big, F.a.o. __
Gassner Invented This Battery In 1886
Bruce Lee Was A Major Ambassador Of This Art
Feeling Deeply Guilty, Embarrassed, Regretful
nice Country Estate In France
Spongebob’s Best Friend, __ Star
Green Herb Essential For Italian Cuisine
Skin Disease Of Constant Redness On The Face
Forced Withdrawal Of A Military Force
Anti-apartheid Campaigner
Guaranteed, Sure, Certain
A Large Room Used For Formal Or Public Events
Payment Made By A Former Spouse For Living
Hugh Hefner’s Mansion And Naughty Magazine

CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 4
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Psychoactive Compound Found In A Species Of Poppy
A Chess Piece
Another Word For Suppose Or Think
Man Of Steel, Faster Than A Speeding __
naturally Protected Against Diseases
He Invented The Morse Code In 1836
The Oldest One Discovered In Pi-ramesses In Qantir
Whitcomb Judson Invented It In The 1890s
Paper Used For Writing In Ancient Times
Detroit-based Music Sound
Matters Of Little Importance
Someone Who Cuts Men’s Hair
Jean __, French Corsair Who Captured Aztec Gold

CodyCross Inventions Group 47 Puzzle 5
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Oral Examination, At College
Invention That Became Very Popular In The 1990s
Transmission That You Manually Shift
Savage Fierceness
Unauthorized Writing Or Drawing On A Public Place
In Custody Before Trial
The Black Panther In The Jungle Book
Odin’s Eight-legged Horse From Norse Folklore
An Edible Snail
Synthetic Rubber Used For Wet Suits
Us Had Three Wars With This Florida Tribe
Obstructive Action To Hinder A Nation’s War Effort
nobel Prize Winning Author From Mississippi
Characterized By A State Of Overpowering Emotion
Released The First Cell Phone In 1983
Replication Of Crucifixion Wounds
Ring It To Let Someone Know You’re There
Person Hired To Do Small Jobs Around A Building
Song Recorded By The Beatles
It Stands At 1344 Meters Above The Sea In Scotland
A Game Where Rings Are Thrown Around A Peg
Monkey __, Movie With Cary Grant
To Communicate, As Information Or News
Given By Employers; Daycare, Profit Sharing, Etc