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CodyCross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 1
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Punctuation, Word Separator, Joiner
Smaller Insect, Also A Vw Car
Decorate Architectural Forms With Miniatures
First Popular Web Browser In 1993
Positively Charged Subatomic Particle
Eating Room, Sometimes Reserved For Guests
It Was Invented From Boiling Wine By A Dutch Man
Judge’s Decision On A Matter
__ With Wolves, Won The Academy Awards In 1991
Opposite Of Everybody
Someone Who “takes You For A Ride”; Swindler
Main Raw Material Grown In A Region
Item Of Elegance, Not A Necessity
__ Scott, Scottish Novelist Who Wrote Ivanhoe
Medieval Tapestry Depicting The Battle Of Hastings
The Capital Of South Dakota

CodyCross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 2
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Movement That Aims Equal Rights For Women
Free From Commotion Or Tumult
Money Borrowed To Buy A House Or Building
Purple Flower With Pleasant Scent
Giant Ape That Became A Box Office Triumph
What The Pasteurization Process Kills
Atari Is A Term From The __ Game ‘go’
Careful, Conservative, Gingerly, Guarded,
Security Measure Online; Prevents Access Or Attacks
Keeps The Landscape Clean And Pristine
The Last Of The __, A Novel And A Film
Something Not Inherited Or Present When Born
Agreement Between Two People, Usually On Paper
Once The Austrian Schilling Corresponded To 100 __
Indian Slow Cooking Technique
This State Has An Occidental Brother
Variant To Curling, Former Olympic Event

CodyCross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 3
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A Devotion, Fond Attachment, Love
Prim And Prudish
Set Of Glasses, Cups Used To Set Table
__ For Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriguez Rediscovery
A Winter Olympic Sport
Instrument That Must Be Played With The Mouth
The Semi Arid Part Of Southern Argentina
A Period Of Three Years
Hotel Employee Who Helps You With Excursions
Process, Set Of Rules Used In Computer Programming
Political And Social System During The Middle Ages
Decoration At The Foot Of A Printed Page
Large Place Where Water Is Stored
Character From Peanuts Obsessed With Beethoven
Sleep Apnea Means You Stop __ At Night
Substance Used Like Butter

CodyCross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 4
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Fm Radio Was Patented By Edwin __ In 1933
Bodily System That Processes Food
Ruled By Vanity, Only Interested In Oneself
Princess __, Young Member Of The British Royalty
Painting Executed By Means Of Small Dots
The King Of Crete Commanded The Building Of The __
Surname Of A Famous Acting Family In The Us
Costco __, Warehouse Club Founded In Seattle
Protestant Who Follows Teachings Of Wesleys
A Sport Played During The Olympic Games
Stevie Nicks Led British-american Band, __ Mac
A Person Who Mixes And Serves Drinks
What A Witness Declares In A Court Of Law

CodyCross Inventions Group 49 Puzzle 5
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Food Dip Made From Chickpeas
Martial Art Made Famous By Steven Seagal
Relating To Treasury, Money, Revenues
They Will Melt In Vinegar
narcotic Trademarked By Bayer In Late 1890s
St. Lawrence __, Connects Atlantic, Great Lakes
Attack Someone Violently
Rich Kids Are Born With This Spoon In Their Mouth
Legal Term, Application To A Higher Court
Religion Involving Pins And Dolls
number Of Sides Of A Dodecagon
__ Brody, The Pianist Actor
Two-piece Women’s Swimsuit