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CodyCross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 1
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Free From Doubt, Sure, Confident
Streaming Site, Originally Mail Order Dvd Service
The 1st Use Of __ Power For Electricity Was In 1951
Loss Of Memory, Usually From Brain Injury
never Ask Pardon Before You Are __
These People Stayed At The Ymca
Chocolate Rich Cake With Nuts
Muslim Fasting Holiday
__ Crowe, Subject Of, Director Of Almost Famous
Plant With Bitter-tasting Leaves Used In Salads
Hbo Show About Modern Polygamists
Maigret’s Creator
General Hospital Attendant, Nonmedical
Code Name For The First Atomic Bomb Test
Highest Ranking Naval Officer In The Us Navy

CodyCross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 2
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Unique Physical, Benign “seal” Of The Skin
A Place Where A Person Lives
A Dessert In Which Sherry Or Brandy Is Added
name Of The Search For People Accused Of Sorcery
Scientist Who Said There Could Be Life Outside Earth
Musical Instrument Used In Flamenco Performances
A Word With The Five Vowels In Alphabetical Order
An Image With Urban Scenery As Its Primary Focus
Device For A Particular Use, Usually Electronic
Marion __, Won An Oscar For La Vie En Rose
__ Republic, Shares The Island Of Hispaniola
Cool, Nonchalant
Hairdo Popular In The 18th Century
Dallas __ Play At The American Airlines Center
Janitor, Custodian

CodyCross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 3
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Moving Through Water By Using Your Arms And Legs
__ Carrier, A Military Ship With A Flight Deck
Any General Business Activity
Lump Of Tissue Behind The Nose, Not Tonsils
Something That Causes Diseases
Throwing A Coin In This Place Brings Good Luck
Greensboro, Piedmont Triad City In North __
Someone Who Tries To Influence Legislation
Rembrandt Painted The __ Of Samson
Mendel Founded This Science In 1865
__ Holmes, Fiction Character

CodyCross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 4
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Big-nosed Peanut Who Sleeps On Top Of His House
Expensive Salt-cured Fish Eggs
Say __ And Thank You, Nice Manners
Anagram Of Things
Profession, Usually Lifelong, With Special Training
Seventh Planet From The Sun In Our Solar System
Humphrey __, A Film Noir Actor
__ Jean, Not Jackson’s Lover
Cat-fish Linked To Earthquakes In Japanese Folklore
Us Railroad Administrator
Japanese Martial Art Of Self-defense
Blood Condition With Not Enough Red Blood Cells
This Scientist Created Three Rules About Motion
Breaker Of The German Enigma Code

CodyCross Inventions Group 50 Puzzle 5
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Abdominal External __ Muscle
Simulated By Another Computer Or Software
Jamón __, Spanish Cured Ham
Grown Without Chemicals Or Pesticides
Chicken, Turkey, Meat From Birds
Large American Real Estate Company, __ 21
Two And A __, Charlie Sheen Raunchy Sitcom
St Augustine __, Patron Saint Of Brewers
Girl Who Is Magically Transported Away From Kansas
Organs That Regulate Electrolytes In The Blood
Shyness Or Reservation, Hesitancy, Modesty
Country That Shares Name With A State In The Us
Professor Without Permanent Status
To Be Without Employment