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CodyCross Inventions Group 51 Puzzle 1
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Explosion Of A Star With Substantial Energy
The __, Mel Brooks’ Comedy About Broadway
The __ Proves The Rule
Controversial Boxer With A Face Tattoo
John Gorrie Was Awarded A Patent For An __ Machine
Malicious Competition
Unlawful __, Illegal Firing Of An Employee
Legendary Sword That Belonged To A British Monarch
Canadian, Member Of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Toadying, Fawning
Health Condition That Cannot Be Solved
Someone Who Studies Relations Of Organisms
Fateful Lovers, Francesca Da Rimini And Paolo __
A Tourist Destination In Dominican Republic
Frenchman Considered The Father Of Modern Chemistry
A Convertible Coupe

CodyCross Inventions Group 51 Puzzle 2
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Khaled __, Afghan-born American Novelist
A Respectful Gesture Of Greeting In India
Type Of Foil That Replaced Tin Foil In 1910
The Capital Of Ohio
Weather Prediction Made By Meteorologists
William Grove Invented The First __ In 1842
Creating Items With Clay And Firing Them
Branch Of The Catholic Church
His Enemy Was Captain Hook
High Intensity Workout Regimen
One Octave Higher, “fake” Singing Voice

CodyCross Inventions Group 51 Puzzle 3
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Wide Semiaquatic Reptile With Long Jaw
Pronounced, Protruding Muscles, __ Abs
West Virginia Mountain, Sedimentary Rock
Position In Charge Of Records And Phones
Rise From The Dead
__ Usa, Nickname Of A Record Label Headquarter
Underwater Vessel Designed For War
An Item Of Clothing
Italian Pasta Sauce With Bacon, Cheese And Eggs
Invented By The Bell Labs In 1954
This Gelatinous Sea Creature Is 95% Water

CodyCross Inventions Group 51 Puzzle 4
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Fear Of __ Old Is Gerascophobia
Perfumed Liquid
Light Vehicle Pulled By Horses
String Of Items Used For Decoration
Venetian Rowing Boat For Romantic Tourists
__ To Hell, Ac/dc Hit About An Infernal Road
Act Of Escaping Something; Usually Duty Or Taxes
Half Bovine, Half Canine
Father Of Microbiology
Write Quickly, Briefly
Magistrates In Charge Of Public Area, Historical
Sesame Street’s Animated Character, Abby __

CodyCross Inventions Group 51 Puzzle 5
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Roof Of The Mouth; Sense Of Taste
Cold Box For Food Storage
Personification Of Darkness In Greek Mythology
Father Of Genetics
To Remove A Program Or File From A Computer
A Small European-style Restaurant
Written By A Man, But Known As Divine
new York Team Of Riley And Ewing
Artificial Cave, Recess, Or Structure
Rich And Curly Decoration From The 18th Century
Island Nation South Of Turkey, Capital Is Nicosia