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CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 1
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nonsensical Short Poem In Five Lines
Place Where People Are Buried
Fancy Way Of Calling Someone’s Bottom
90s Tv Show Often Described As Being About Nothing
To Express Your Opinion About Something
Antigen Of A Blood Group System Linked To A Monkey
French Cold Egg Sauce With Mustard
Actor Won Oscar For Portrayal Of African Dictator
Helps In The Kitchen
Game That Requires A Long Stick With A Netted Pouch
Italian Luxury Car Brand From Bologna
Syndrome That Provokes Sudden Involuntary Tics
The Game Pong Was Created By Nolan __ In 1972
Oscar Winner; Portrayed An Indian Social Reformer
Jackson’s Zombie-inspired Masterpiece
Term For Murder; To Kill Someone
The Personification Of Death In Greek Mythology
Strategy Board Game Involving Diagonal Moves

CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 2
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He Proved The Earth Orbited Around The Sun
Stuffy Person; Too Serious, Little Fun
First Act Of Offense, To Attack First
He Determined The Nature Of Chemical Bonds
Us Does Not Recognize This Country’s Genocide
Bring Something To Its Original State
Andrew __, Tom Hanks Role In Philadelphia
Bringing Something To An End, Conclusion
Jewish Patriarch Asked To Sacrifice His Son
Your Onboard, In-air Waiter, Caretaker

CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 3
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Utterly Illogical, Untrue, Senseless, Laughable
Creator Of The Evolutionary Theory
Dark, Dim; Deeply Shaded Emotionally
Liquid In The Blood That Holds Cells Together
Oedipus Brought Her To Death
Electric Water __, Heats Water Quickly
Cop __, Song That Riled Up 90s Politicians
Genetic Predisposition To Certain Traits
State Of Something Illegally Taken From Another
Large Area Controlled By One Ruler
Workman’s Must, Tool To Loosen, Tighten Nuts
Someone Who Examines Tv For Language

CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 4
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Procedure In Pregnancy To Have Access To The Fetus
Inverse Operation To Exponentiation
Jail Release Subject To Good Behavior
American Type Of Salami, Usually Found On Pizza
University Of Kentucky City, Revolutionary Battle
Collected Writings
Synthetic Grass Patented In 1965
An Expert On Human Nutrition
__ Waltz, Won An Oscar For Inglorious Basterds
non-verbal And Non-physical Communication

CodyCross Inventions Group 52 Puzzle 5
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The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris __, A Film
Arriving Or Acting At The Right Time
Theological School For Clergymen
Maps That Show Where You Can Submerge In The Ocean
An Induced State Of Human Consciousness
It Is Worn On The Breast
Permanent Legal Residence
Common Springtime Allergy
Professional In Form Of Civil, Electric, Etc
__ And Guinevere, Adulterous Couple
They Play The Snare
Dating Game Show Hosted By Chris Harrison
Tropical Tree With Tall Trunk And Large Leaves
This Star Has Guided Ships For Centuries
Small Nation In The Horn Of Africa
Body __ Is The Art Of Gain Muscle