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CodyCross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 1
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The Corn __ Was Invented In 1850
Tv Sit-down Reporter, Heaviest Thing In A Boat
Italian White Cheese Similar To Parmesan
Home Of Plato And Aristotle
Violent Encounter Between Two Military Forces
Gunman Whose Job Is To Go Unseen
__ Fighter, Videogame With Global Characters
To Be Filled With Amazement; Awe, Admiration
Head Or Skull, Long Ago
Set Of Notes Played On A Guitar
Swimming Race Including All Strokes
Amount You’re Paid For Your Job
Involuntary Muscle Contraction
Film Starring Robert Deniro And Sharon Stone

CodyCross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 2
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napoleon’s Birthplace
Milli _, Infamous German Duo Caught Faking It
Deadliest Sign Of The Zodiac
Small Fruit Similar To An Orange
Major Prophet, “god Will Strengthen”
Empress, Wife Of The Ruler Of Russia
You Need This To Legally Drive A Car
A Special Anniversary Of An Event; 50 Years
The Concept Of __ Spray Cans Began In 1790
A Temporary Solution
Greatest Arab Traveller Of Middle Ages, Ibn __
Morals Pertaining To Right And Wrong In Conduct
Place Or Structure That Offers Protection
__ Gump, Won The Academy Awards In 1995
Michelangelo Painted This Famous Chapel

CodyCross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 3
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Someone Who Brings News Professionally
Place To Find Doctors, Nurses And Medicine
A Large Fortified Place, Stronghold
Glands That Produce A Liquid In The Mouth
Edible Green Plant, Looks Like A Small Tree
One Of The Best-known Names In Bridal Wear
Young Humans, Not Adults
Comic Book Character Played By Samuel L Jackson
They Are Like Pie-crust, Made To Be Broken
Cincinnati Had First Team In This American Sport
Dramatic Spanish Dance And Music
Record In A Permanent Manner
The Small Unit Of Matter
First Page Of A Site Online
Mattress Filled With Water
Led The Expedition That First Went Around The World
Scientist Who Developed The Theory Of Relativity

CodyCross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 4
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Subordinated To A Country’s Embassy
Ready To Be Used
Enemy Of A Government Agent In A Spy Film
The Whole __
Adam Smith’s Hand That Controlled The Market
Tomato Was Once Called This
__ Graham Bell Patented The Telephone In 1876
Copper Carbonate With Green Hues
His Assassination Triggered The Wwi
Chickenpox, Blister-like Itchy Rash, Fever
The __, Tv Show Starring Kevin Bacon As Fbi Agent
Surgeon Board Game With Buzzing Warning
Related To The Science Of Equipment Design
A Period Of 10 Years, A Decade

CodyCross Inventions Group 53 Puzzle 5
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College Class With One Way Communication
__ Leary, An Advocate Of The Lsd
Leonardo __ Could Draw And Write At The Same Time
__ Man March, 1995 Gathering In Washington
Written Item For The Purchase Of Something
Way Of Getting Meat From Animals In The Wild
Extravagant Lie, Not Just A Fib
Small Dried Black Fruit Originally From Europe
Cell Degeneration, State Of Decay
Educated Courtesan In Ancient Greece
The Last __, Movie About A Monarch Of China