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CodyCross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 1
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80s Band That Made People Jump
Just Below The Emperor, Austrian Title
__ Roll, Circular Pastry Known For Its Spice
Hbo’s Premium Cable Competitor
Part Of A Building; Partially Or Wholly Underground
Sofia Is The Capital Of __
Father Of The Study Of Groups Of People
Bible Book Of Inspirational Passages
Brazilian Acrobatic Martial Art Created By Slaves
A Witch’s Pot Boiling With Glowing Goo
number Of Seats In A Restaurant When Full
12 A.m., Height Of Night, A Scary Hour
Gauge That Tells You How Many Miles Are On A Car
Programs On A Computer; Removable
Great Pain, Anxiety, Sorrow

CodyCross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 2
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Road Designed For High Speed Traffic
To Receive Money When Someone Dies
Game With Ball And Pins
Mayim Bialik 90s, Pre Big Bang Theory Sitcom
To Die = To __ One’s Last
Faye __, Broadway Star Who Played Bonnie On Screen
Jägermeister Was First Made There In 1935
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Was This President’s Policy
Small Animals With Six Legs And Hard Shells
Medicine For Stopping Itching And Pain

CodyCross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 3
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Invisible Line That Divides Teams On Football Downs
Items Like Moisturizer, Blush And Eyeshadow
Decency, Decorum
German Sausage Often Eaten In Buns With Mustard
Gene That Is Not Dominant
Feeds On Decaying Flesh
Egyptian Dynasty After Alexander’s Death
Largest Central American Republic
Ancient Greek Writer Of Tragedies
The Usb __ Was Launched In 1996
A Person Who Supervises The Safety At The Beach
Day For Ghouls, Monsters And Trick Or Treating
Device To Capture Rodents
David Lynch Cult Tv Series
Antonio Vivaldi’s Nickname

CodyCross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 4
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Small Flying Insect That Bites And Sucks Blood
Pad Of Paper Used To Write Information In
Helmut Ruska Set The Basis For The __ Microscope
Melanie __, Star Of Working Girl
Artist’s Farrago
Long Time Advice Columnist
Deep Blue; The Birthstone Of September
Mathematical Study Of Change; “small Pebble”
Coffee Extracted In Small, Concentrated Amounts
One Cannot Make A Crab Walk Like This

CodyCross Inventions Group 56 Puzzle 5
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Virgin Mary Appeared In This Small French Town
Sweet Food Eaten At The End Of A Meal
Writer, Comedian Famous For Snl, 30 Rock
Women’s Dress Hanging Straight From The Shoulders
Large Prying Tool Used By Criminals In Movies
Hero Of The Novel Pride And Prejudice
To Make Designs In Metal Or Glass By Using Acid
Bewildered, Confused, Frustrated
A Specialist In A Particular Branch Of Study
A Theory That Explains The Origin Of The Universe
Cough Mixture
Depart Secretly And Quickly To Avoid Capture
name Of First Mechanical Slot Machine, __ Bell