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CodyCross Inventions Group 57 Puzzle 1
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Type Of Dark Red Bean
Small Fairy-like Creature In Folklore
__ Robinson, First Black Baseball Player
Flash __ Was Invented Circa 1980 By Toshiba
Bible Book Of Phrases That Means “praises”
Ojos Del __, Active Volcano In S. America
Civil __, 60s Movement Fighting For Minorities
Macabre Singer With Female First Name
Often Discussed Range Of Development Disorders
Femme __, A Seductive Woman
Timon & __, Disney Animated Tv Show

CodyCross Inventions Group 57 Puzzle 2
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Wonderful, Fascinating, Excellent
The Last Name Of A Yellow Animated Family From Tv
Los __ Kings Play Hockey At The Staples Center
Magnavox __ Was The 1st Video Game Console
Julian __, Wikileaks Cyberactivist
Calculates Insurance Risks
Massive Stretch Of Treeless Land
Leafy Vegetable, Iceberg Is One Type
Type Of Paint Mixed With Water And Egg
Joint Between Finger Bones
Female Western, Annie Oakley Was One
In This Film Dustin Hoffman’s Character Has Autism
name Or Assign Someone To A Position
Disease That Causes Loss Of Taste Function
Fish Also Known As Sea Needle

CodyCross Inventions Group 57 Puzzle 3
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Italian Stew Made With Braised Veal Shanks
Cards That Beat 3 Of A Kind But Not A Flush
Someone Who Creates Musical Scores
Japanese Botanical Nuisance
Debbie __, Actress Of Singin’ In The Rain
S. African Country, Capital Is Gaborone
Cancer Common In Older Men
Upper Body Part; Joint That Allows Arm Movement
Jonathan Swift’s Satire About This Person’s Travels
Cryptography Is The Study Of Decoding Secret __

CodyCross Inventions Group 57 Puzzle 4
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Presidential Branch Of The Government
Hormone That Regulates Sleep
__ Pope, Second Only To Shakespeare In Being Quoted
Jack __, Wide-mouthed Joker Before Ledger
Port __, Regulates Transportation Infrastructure
Wind Instrument Aka Mouth Organ
Heated Pool With Swirling Water
Giving Up Something You Care About
Founder And Ceo Of Amazon
Sports Injury; Projections Often At The Joints
Head Of A School
Klee Painted Insula __
A Flower-based Liquid Used In Cosmetics

CodyCross Inventions Group 57 Puzzle 5
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According To The Law, Officially Sanctioned
Something To Put Money, Cards, And Other Items In
Martial Art That Has A Cartoon Panda Practioner
__ Of Sion, French Fraternity That Was A Hoax
__ 7 Was The First Successful Artificial Heart
Comedy-drama Series, __ Is The New Black
Rudolf __ Invented This Type Of Engine In 1893
Intriguing Primates From Madagascar
Japanese Art Form Using Small Trees
The Count Of Monte __, Dumas Adventure Novel
General Understanding, Idea Of Something
To Take In Without Reflection, Soak Up