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CodyCross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 1
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The __ Retriever Is One Of The Most Popular Dogs
The Very Essence Of Something
It Was Lost When Milton Wrote About It
A Swedish Turnip
Bringing Air Into The Lungs; Breathing Process
Image Of Jesus On The Cross
The Word Nice Comes From A Latin Word Meaning This
Italian Artist And Inventor, __ Da Vinci
Character In Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing
Death Of Living Cells And Tissues By Many Causes
not Capable Of Dying; Everlasting
Historical Military Weapon; Throws Stones, Missiles
Company Or Group Controlling All The Market
Van __, Was In Love With Brown-eyed Girls
An Elevated Region, Plateau, Mountain Region
Term Applied To Y&r Tycoon Victor Newman
Type Of Needle Found In The Kitchen

CodyCross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 2
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Filmmaking Process Used By Pixar; Up, Toy Story
Small French Cake Baked In A Shell-like Shape
Chaos Theory Effect, Small Change, Future Result
Lined Card To Organize Information Pre-internet
Related To The Medicine Branch To Treat Children
A Device That Sprays Water
Coral That Lives On Rocky Areas; Aka Vase Or Turban
Davy Crockett: Born On A Mountain Top In __
Rio De Janeiro’s Tourist Attraction
Alexander __, Swedish Actor Of True Blood
Group Of People That Come Together For An Occasion
Sport Usually Called Pool In The United States
State Of Being Untrue
Construction Equipment With Big Fork To Dig
number Identifying A Book In A Library Shelf
Oldtime Facial Hair, Long, Upward Moustache
Soft Animal Toy Named After American President
A Small Flute

CodyCross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 3
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Cause Of Common Baby Rash In The Groin Area
Soak In Hot Water To Release The Flavour
Heavenly, God-like Intervention
German Word For Emperor; Caesar
Fast Learners Are Quick On The __
Area That Contains Your Vocal Cords
__ Wyatt, Poet Imprisoned, Accused Of Adultery
Dracula’s Sleeping Place, Aka Casket
Victorian Watch Chain
Gigantic Grey Wolf From Inuit Mythology
What Comes After Fall
Texas A&m __ Play Football On Kyle Field
Dwarf Leopard Of Central And South America
The Fear Of Being __ Alive Is Called Taphephobia
Mega Online Shop; First Started With Books
Lilongwe Is The Capital Of __
Device Used To Clean Air Or Fuel In A Car
Gas Used To Fill Balloons; Makes Voice Funny
Traditional Stringed Chinese Instrument
Christopher’s Loveable Friend, Honey Aficionado

CodyCross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 4
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One Of The Oldest Inhabited Cities In The World
Barely Understood, Sometimes Removed Organ
If It’s As A __, Then It’s Dead Indeed
Judge’s Decision, People Cannot Talk About A Case
Game Hosted By Allen Ludden
Mark Out As Evil, Stigmatise
Ibm Competitor Semiconductor Business
Assyrian Deity That Is A Mix Of Ox, Bird And Human
Ryan Reynolds’ 2016 Superhero Movie
Aids: Acquired Immunodeficiency __
He Gives Name To A Constant Involving Molecules
Vessels Are Taken There For Repair
Upright, Up And Down, Not Horizontal
Winter Game, __ Fight
Lively Couples Dance From Spain Since 1700s
Mrs. __, Is Loved More Than She Will Know

CodyCross Inventions Group 60 Puzzle 5
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This Paddle Sport Can Be Also Called Crew
__ Vs. __, Won The Academy Awards In 1980
Aorta Is The Largest One In The Body
Airplane Manufacturer, Famous For 747
First Treaty To Divide The Carolingian Empire
Chinese Assortment Of Fried Dumplings
In A New York __
__ Of Wrath, Steinbeck Novel On The Dust Bowl
The Last __, Iconic Meal With Jesus And Disciples
Area Between Two Mountains Or Hills
Substance That Catalyzes Chemical Reactions
To Voluntarily Sign Up For Military Service
It’s __ Sunny In Philadelphia, Tv Comedy
Showing Humble Views Of Merits Or Ego; No Vanity
Hot __, Kid’s Game Of Tossing Tuber
Large Animals Used For Riding
Composer Who Refused Ever To Make An Opera