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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 1
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lead Singer Of Pearl Jam
theory Of Evolution
leave It To __, 1950s Idyllic Tv Family Show
1984, Big Brother
to Disprove A Theory Or Belief
color Made With Red And Blue
if In Time, It Saves Nine
it Means “parents” In Spanish
sugar, Almond Milk And Orange Cordial
__ Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi Cricket Grounds
to Pamper

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 2
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scale That Measures A Pepper’s Hotness
author Of “candide”
world’s Most Popular Language
affixed, Enclosed, Added
investigative Reporter Who Brought Nixon Down
yellow Bulbous Spring Flower
bathroom Sink
cross-country Runners
indian Palace That’s One Of The New Seven Wonders
mixture Of Kamacite And Taenite, “filling”

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 3
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software Company That Bill Gates Cofounded
tsunami, Seismic Sea Movement Following Earthquake
military Belt And Strap Named After A Commander
jewish Minor Prophet; His Book Follows Haggai
chemical Administered To Elicit A Confession
towelling Sports Accessory To Absorb Perspiration
folk Music Entertainment In A Countryside Building
costa __, Cruise Ship That Capsized Off Tuscany
epic Babylonian Poem About A Tyrannical King
german Author Of Thus Spake Zarathustra
cocktail Of Whisky And Drambuie, Not Used In D-i-y
curved Embellishments In Handwritten Letters
leading Actor In Scott Of The Antarctic
deltiology Is The Collection Of These Items

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 4
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open And Sincere, Frank And Honest
king Of Spain, Brother Of Napoleon
__ Brothers, Us Entertainment Company
historically, A Diplomat Lower Than An Ambassador
buffalo __ Play At The First Niagara Center
the __ Of Christ, Caravaggio Painting
middle Eastern Flatbread, Laffa
surgeon’s Uniform
singing Or Talking The Same Thing At The Same Time
handbag Designed To Be Carried In One Hand
a Spacex Spacecraft Or A Mythical Monster
russian Leader At The 1945 Yalta Conference
construction Of An Item, Act Of Creating Something

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 221 Puzzle 5
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curious, Mask-wearing Mammal Native To The Us
cuban Brand, Famous White Rum
__ Astros Play At Minute Maid Park
prominent Historical German State
pasta With Filling Inside
kylie __, Petite Australian Diva
winner Of 2015 Best Picture Academy Award
name Of God In The Bible, Also A Witness
captain __ First Appeared In 1941
deceased Blues Brother, Comedian Brother
not Reacting Visibly; Not Aggressive