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CodyCross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 1
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conflict, Controversy
serpentine Creature Of Reptilian Traits
bela __, Best Known Actor For Portraying Dracula
roberta __, First Neurologist In Space
united State’s Most Northern State
indian Leavened Bread Made With Maida
periodic Payment Not Based On Hours Worked
not A Lot
pablo __, Spanish Cellist And Conductor

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 2
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very Affectionate Parrot
female Superhero With Feline Traits
eating Small Amounts Of Food Throughout The Day
us Impressionist Painter, Frederick __
italian Goalkeeper, Won World Cup 1982 At Age 40
http: Hypertext __ Protocol
king Turned Royal Sage In Hindu Tradition
greek God Of Death, Hypnos’ Twin
shiny Silver Metal Used In Plating
code Of Conduct Associated With Knighthood
going After Or In The Tracks Of Another

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 3
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reference Point
river Of Myanmar, Mandalay Lies On Its Banks
carving A Piece Of Wood By Shaving It Down
large, Thick-skinned Animal Such As An Elephant
the Age Of __, Scorsese’s 19th Century Love Story
french Artist Auguste Rodin’s Specialty
vital Link Between Cerebellum And Spinal Cord
artificial Sweetener
places Where Photographs Are Developed
fan That Converts Rotational Motion Into Thrust
female Lead Of The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie
russian Composer Of “peter And The Wolf”
inflammation Of Stomach’s Lining
city On The River Pegnitz, State Of Bavaria
__ Dumas, Wrote The Count Of Monte Cristo
plato’s Most Famous Student
to Begin To Grow, To Sprout
baker’s Ammonia, Leveling Agent
method, Process

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 4
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will Magically Make You Fall In Love
jeopardy Host, Once Famously Moustached
tent-loving Person
your Sibling’s Little Boy
you Have Been Warned When You See It
darwin’s Famous Ship
the Neck Of The Uterus
academia, University, Faculty
polish Author, Heart Of Darkness
it Means “domingo” In Spanish
la __, Puccini Opera About Rodolfo And Mimi
capital Of Iran

CodyCross Medieval Times Group 222 Puzzle 5
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texas Nba Team Won Twice In 90s With Olajuwon
autistic Genius Played By Us Actor Hoffman
such A Personal Important Thing
marine Entity In Tropical Seas Around Coral Reefs
neither Something Nor Everything
originally, Twisted German Bread, Now Salted Snack
to Agree
black __, World-renown English Rock Band
perennial Flowering Plant, 1,795 Different Species
very Small Headphones
considered Founder Of Beatnik Movement
indian Leader Of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience
this Person Doesn’t Ride A Horse
masses Of Tissue In The Throat, Often Removed
short Heavy Curved Sword Used By Pirates